Beadwork Corrections 2009

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December 2008/January 2009

Holiday Carol Ornament by Robin Cowart (page 52)

In the Materials list, the first material listed should read: 5-10 g transparent light brown size 11° seed beads (A).

February/March 2009

Crystal Connections by Daeng Weaver (page 54)

The 18mm crystal tabac square rivolis should actually be 16mm crystal tabac square rivolis.

Scarlett’s Style (The Alchemist’s Treasure) by Scarlett Lanson (page 28)

Step 1) Spiral Ropes:
Pattern 3: “Continue working as in Pattern 1 but substitute 3mm bicones for the C in every other loop…”
Pattern 4: “Continue working as in Pattern 1 but substitute the triangle beads for the C in every other loop…”
Pattern 5: …last core bead to form a fringe. Repeat the first loop in Pattern 4 (1B/1A/1 triangle/1A). Continue the Pattern 4 pattern, adding an N Fringe between the loops, then an O fringe, then a P fringe….”
Pattern 6:Repeat Pattern 5 but replace the previous fringe with loop fringe…”

April/May 2009

Antique Connections Cuff by Melinda Barta (page 48)

The last sentence in Step 2 under “Top” should read: “Repeat around the edge of the top circle, stitching 1B or 2B (not 1A or 2A) as necessary to keep the work flat (Fig. 4).”

Added resource: Seed pearls: TA Pearlstone, (415) 505-9148,

Gilded Lattice by Katherine Schwartzenberger (page 62)

The materials list should call for:

6g each of size 1.5 bugle beads in silver-lined aqua and silver-lined gold (not size 1.5mm bugle beads)

August/September 2009

Frill Seeker by Tina Koyama (page 72)

Step 1 should read: “Leaving a 15″ tail, use 3′ of conditioned thread and berry size 11°s to work a strip of peyote stitch 6″ wide (or wide enough to fit around your wrist minus ¾”) and 12 rows [not 11 rows as originally stated] long.

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