Beadwork Corrections 2006

December 2005/January 2006

Fast & Fabulous by Jamie Hogsett (p. 15)

In Resources, The Bead Hut’s phone number was listed incorrectly. The correct phone number is (864) 226-2323.

Shedding Light on Crystals: Their Glitz, Their Glam, Their Glory (p. 30)

The illustration of the polygon crystal was incorrectly labeled as a bicone. Below is the correct illustration of a bicone crystal.


Crystal Cornucopia by Nikki Blanchard (p. 34)

Step 1’s last sentence should read: “String a 16mm crystal and form another wrapped loop that includes one end of the 4’ chain” (not 9” chain).

Step 2 should read: “Use a head pin to string a 16mm crystal, then form a wrapped loop that includes a link of the 4” chain directly below (not above) the center bead.”

Glamour Girl Necklace by Jean Campbell (p. 38)

The 4th line of materials should read: Five 7mm Rose AB2X round Swarovski crystal bicones. AB2X denotes the beads’ surface treatment.

Scheherazade Necklace by Liz Smith (p. 83)

The fourth sentence in Step 5 should read “Pass back through the accent bead and the base size 15° bead and through the fourth and fifth beads of the loop” (not through the third and fourth beads of the loop).

Also, several readers have written to us asking what kind of triangle beads Liz used. She uses Toho size 11° beads as they are flatter than the Miyuki ones. Buy the beads at or

Bead Boy (p. 128)

Lorna Dwyer-Carfano, a Bead Boy Sidekick, is from Gloucester, Massachusetts, not Maine.

February/March 2006

Cool Stuff (p. 16)

The phone number for Jubili Beads & Yarns—seller of Crazy Quilt Pendants—was listed incorrectly. The correct phone number is (856) 858-7844.

Mosaic Cuff by Perri Jackson (p. 36)

The Talisman Gang’s phone number was listed incorrectly. The correct phone number is (707) 443-1509.

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