Beadwork Corrections 2004

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Jewel of India Bracelets by Kathleen Kimball-Baker (p. 31)

The beads in the illustrations for these bracelets were worked upside down. The inverted pairs of beads will slant in opposite directions when beaded. The thread paths are correct.

The Challenge (p. 88)

The beads in The Challenge were made by Melissa and Bill McQuilkin. Our apologies for not naming Bill.

Bead Boy (p. 95)

Bead Boy accidentally mixed up his horror movies in the Bead a Mask Challenge. Dustin’s mask is an imitation of the mask that Jason wore in Friday the 13th, not Halloween. The bad guy in the Halloween films is Michael Myers. Thanks to Dory Ferguson of State College, Pennsylvania, for the correction.


December 2004/January 2005 issue



Wave of the Future Collar by Bette Kelley (p. 59)

The first part of Step 3 is missing from the instructions for this collar on page 59. Here is the full Step 3:
Step 3) Using 9′ of thread, make a second separate ladder with size 8° hex beads. This ladder will be called the lower ladder. String 2C and pass one needle back through the second bead. *String 1C and pass the other needle back through it. Repeat from *, keeping your tension even, not tight, so that the ladder will be flexible enough to undulate across the necklace. It is helpful to work this ladder for a couple inches then move onto Step 4.

Bead Boy (p. 103)

In the latest Bead Boy Sidekicks gallery, the “Aquafest” information should say Deep River, Ontario, Canada (not Oregon).

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