A Year of Beadwork Inspiration: 2018 Digital Collection

For beaded jewelry, 2018 was a beautiful year. The Beadwork 2018 Digital Collection is packed with innovative bead weaving techniques; twists on old favorites; and stitches using new, shaped beads. Grow your skills while you update your jewelry wardrobe!

The Beadwork Designers of the Year brought their “A” games to each issue. Shanna Steele, Laura Graham, and Melinda Barta shared beadwork designs that will take your beading skills to the next level. You can learn more from other Designers of the Year in Beadwork Presents 12 Designer of the Year Bead Weaving Patterns. With the Beadwork 2018 Digital Collection, you’ll have six of each Designer of the Year’s intriguing, stylish designs to master.

Plus, there are six Fast & Fabulous collections to love. The projects in each issue feature a trendy theme such as Tassel Necklaces, Vintage-Inspired, and Rough Gemstones. Fast & Fabulous projects always use simple techniques so you can assemble them quickly and easily.

It’s fun having all of these Cool Stuff articles in one place, too. It’s inspiring to flip through the latest and greatest beads, kits, books, tools, and more. If you’re looking for a good creative challenge, try incorporating some of the Cool Stuff items into your next round of projects.

Beadwork 2018 Highlights

So, grab a cup of tea and your favorite reading glasses (affiliate link), and try not to drool over the inspiring, innovative beading projects in this collection. Whether you’re a beginning beader, a more advanced bead weaver, or a jewelry artist who loves strung designs, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. You’ll love being able to browse the pages anywhere you go with your phone, tablet, or computer. Here are some highlights of the issues:

Beadwork 2018 digital collection

February/March 2018 Beadwork, Melissa Grakowsky Shippee’s Brilliant Bangle, Debora Hodoyer’s Daydream Earrings, and Laura Graham’s Aurelia Collar.


So many of my favorite bead weaving designs from last year are in this issue! There are 12 projects in luscious, subtle colors, including collars, necklaces, bracelets, a bangle, a cuff, and earrings. You’ll use a variety of stitches to create these gorgeous designs. Plus, this issue features seven Fast & Fabulous Vintage-Inspired projects.

The Brilliant Bangle by Melissa Grakowsky Shippee is also a fan favorite. Connect rounds of right-angle weave to form a tubular base for the bangle, then embellish the edges with SuperDuos and pressed-glass rounds and add a sparkly center with crystal rose montées. Or, keep it simple but stylish with five rounds of circular peyote stitch and netting to create Debora Hodoyer’s Daydream Earrings. In the Aurelia Collar by Laura Graham, you’ll create a netted collar with picots and fringe made of two sizes of diamond Silky beads, DiamonDuos, and crystal bicones.

Beadwork 2018 digital collection

April/May 2018 Beadwork, Mandi Bugatti’s Waterfall Pendant, Marie New’s Oculi Cuff, and Shanna Steele’s Mirror Image Bracelet.


The 13 beading designs in this issue include a variety of styles, made with pastel and brightly colored beads. Read about Laura Graham, who says, “I want people who consider themselves ‘traditional’ beaders to try shaped beads. To me, a shaped bead is just another tool for creating something beautiful. Break out of the norm and try something different!” Plus, there are seven Fast & Fabulous jewel-tone projects.

Braid a convertible kumihimo necklace and bracelet set with turquoise-colored stone chips; weave an architecturally-inspired textural cuff bracelet; stitch a reversible Honeycomb bead bracelet in vibrant gold, green, blue, and purple; or try prismatic right-angle weave to create a trendy chevron-inspired pendant in blues and greens or reds and purples. Whether you’re looking for bold tones or muted hues, this issue has you covered!

Beadwork 2018 digital collection

June/July 2018 Beadwork, Patricia Verrier’s Tower of London Bracelet, Marianna Zukowsky’s Ombré Cellini Necklace, and Laura Graham’s Into The Hive Cuff.


Kick back for summertime with these creative projects. Have you heard about the brand-new stitch, Peyote with a Twist? Give it a try and learn about Gerlinde Lenz, the woman behind the genius of this stitch. There are also seven Fast & Fabulous romantic designs that are perfect for summertime.

Check out Carole Ohl’s easy Russian spiral rope on the cover – the colors are delicious. Weave Marianna Zukowsky’s sumptuous spiral Ombré Cellini Necklace. Or, use shaped beads in the Into the Hive Cuff by Laura Graham. If you prefer to work with traditional seed beads, you’ll love the Tower of London bracelet by Patricia Verrier.

Beadwork 2018 digital collection

August/September 2018 Beadwork, Melinda Barta’s Eleanor Bracelet, Shanna Steele’s Desert Mirage Cuff, and Michelle Leonardo’s Dragon Scale Cuff.


There’s something for everyone in this issue. The bead weaving projects combine Swarovski crystals, shaped beads, seed beads and more in a stylish color palette. The Fast & Fabulous projects feature tassels for a trendy, easy-to-wear look.

You’ll find two versions of an edgy “dragon scale” bracelet by Michelle Leonardo, one with a freeform dragon’s-head clasp and one with a more traditional slide tube clasp — but both equally beautiful! If you’re looking for a classically romantic design, don’t miss Melinda Barta’s Eleanor Bracelet. For a fun play on symmetry, check out Shanna Steele’s Desert Mirage Cuff, made in gorgeous colors for late summer/early fall.

Beadwork 2018 digital collection

October/November 2018 Beadwork, Melinda Barta’s Trillium Bracelet, Susan Sassoon’s Supple Cellini Lariat, and Laura Graham’s Hannya Mask Cuff.


No matter what your passion is or where it takes you — bead weaving, bead embroidery, bead looming, kumihimo, or just reading a magazine to learn new skills — beading is a great way to slow down and take some time for yourself. For a great “wow” factor, check out the seven statement necklaces in the Fast & Fabulous section.

Try your hand at Susan Sassoon’s Supple Cellini Lariat necklace. This pattern might be a bit challenging if “Peyote with a Twist” is new to you, but once you find your groove, there’s a Zen-like quality to the project. Next, try Melinda Barta’s Trillium Bracelet. This pattern is enjoyable to weave, with beautiful results that wear comfortably. Laura Graham’s bold Hannya Mask Cuff uses Arcos par Puca beads to create interesting shapes and texture. Also consider making Helen Roosa’s Grand Duchess Bracelet, on the cover. This bracelet would be fabulous for a holiday party!

Dec 2018/January 2019 Beadwork collection

December 2018/January 2019 Beadwork. Cosmic Flora Bracelet by Estelita Mayac Chiles, Stardust Nebula Necklace by Agnieszka Watts, and Ombré Tailfeathers Bracelet by Shanna Steele.


Discover a variety of colorful and sparkling projects in this issue. Get started seed beading with this issue’s Quick Start Guide to Seed Beading, or share it with a friend who needs a little nudge. The Fast & Fabulous section features beautiful designs using rough gemstones in designs you can make tonight and wear tomorrow.

In this issue of Beadwork, you’ll create beautiful jewelry designs such as the Cosmic Flora Bracelet by Estelita Mayac Chiles, the Stardust Nebula Necklace by Agnieszka Watts, the Ombré Tailfeathers Bracelet by Shanna Steele, and more.

Get your dose of creative inspiration with the Beadwork 2018 Digital Collection. It’s packed with innovative bead weaving techniques and beautiful beaded jewelry. From the Designers of the Year to Cool Stuff and Fast & Fabulous and everything in-between, you’re sure to find plenty of ideas that make you want to pick up your needle and start stitching.

Happy beading,
Katie Hacker
Interim Managing Editor of Beadwork

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