BeadWise Video: How To Make an Easy Tassel!

Check out this new Interweave BeadWise video for an easy way to make a tassel using a credit card.

We’ve used embroidery floss here, but you can use any type of cord, yarn, or thread to wrap around a credit card. Remember, the more times you wrap, the thicker your tassel will be! Then cut a length of new floss, slide it between your wraps and the credit card, and form an overhand knot. Slip the floss off of the credit card, use a 5” piece of wire to wrap around one end, then use sharp scissors to cut the loop on the other end. Trim the uneven ends of the floss, and string your fab new tassel onto a chain or keyring. Voilà—instant glam!

Need more design ideas for how to use your new tassels? Check out Jewelry Stringing magazine:

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