BeadWise Video: How to Make Easy Ear Wires Fast

Hey friends! We’re back with another super easy trick for making your own ear wires. The fun part about making your own is the fact that you can use up scraps of colorful wire for a variety of ear wires in fun shades! You’ll need to pick up the Easy Ear Wire Jig at your favorite bead or craft store, or hop online—there are a variety of retailers out there who carry it. Plus you’ll need 20-gauge wire and some cutters.

Click to watch the video and in just a few short steps you’re on your way to making your own ear wires.

Here’s how it was done:

  • First, line up your wire in the bottom groove of the jig and cut it flush with the end of the groove (this helps you cut two the exact same size).
  • Remove the clear disk and place the cut wire next to the pin in the groove so the bottom of the wire rests on the handle.
  • Replace the disk so the pin on the tool fits into the crescent recess of the disk.
  • Hold onto your wire with your right index finger and use your left hand to turn the disk counterclockwise until you feel resistance, then turn the lever clockwise to bend the wire.

Once you’ve done it a time or two, you’ll be cranking out ear wires by the dozens! Have fun!

Here are a few ideas for earrings you can make using your new ear wires!


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