BeadWise: Make a Quick and Easy Memory Wire Bracelet

Nothing could be easier than making a Memory Wire Bracelet. There are no knots to tie or glue. No crimp beads to squint at and squish. All it takes is a bit of Memory Wire, some beads, and two tools—round-nose pliers and hardware-store cutters (we don’t recommend using your nice jewelry cutters, as Memory Wire is extremely hard and will damage them).

First, form a simple loop on one end of the wire. String the beads, then stretch out the Memory Wire from top to bottom, allowing the beads to slide down the loops of the spiral to the end. Continue adding beads until you reach the desired length (i.e., do you want one or two wraps, or several?). Trim the wire and form a simple loop on the free end. Alternatively, you can glue on a small bead or Memory Wire ending (made specifically for this purpose!) instead of the simple loops for a more finished look. Or you could hang charms or other beady dangles from the simple loops! The options are endless!

Have fun!


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