BeadWise: Easy Shaping Technique for Stamped Metal Bracelet

We love this cool little tool from ImpressArt called the Bracelet Bending Bar. It’s fun to stamp words or designs onto their metal bracelet blanks and then easily shape them into bracelets. Here’s how:

First, plan your design by pressing your stamps onto paper, or use a pencil to draw the letters. Then place the metal blank on a steel bench block (place the bench block on a leather sandbag or folded fabric to muffle the noise).

We eyeballed the placement of the center letter of the word “breathe”, but you can use a ruler and permanent marker to mark the placement of each letter if you’d like. Hold the stamp perpendicular to the metal blank, and strike the stamp once very deliberately with the hammer. Repeat to complete the word (we worked outward from the center letter). Darken the stamped letters using a fine-tip permanent marker. Wipe off the color that remains on the surface using a polishing pad or steel wool (we like using the Pro Polish Pad for this).

Next, insert one end of the metal blank into the groove on the tool, using your thumb to hold the blank snug. Bend the blank around the curve on the tool so that half of the blank becomes curved. Repeat on the other end of the blank. You may need to mold the finished bracelet to your wrist by curving it slightly once you put it on.

Enjoy your new bracelet!


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