Beads I Love: Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads

As a recovering lampwork glass addict (I still have the torch, the kiln and all the glass in my garage workshop!) I have a soft spot for fabulous handmade lampwork glass beads. At a bead show, my first instinct is to check out which glass bead artists are there and see which treasures I can scoop up to add to my growing collection of artist beads. So imagine how thrilled I was a few weeks ago when, during an episode of insomnia, I was lucky enough to stumble across a few great treasures from the Beadin' Path's online bead store. 

Now, I don't usually recommend shopping for beads at three in the morning when you probably aren't possessed of reason, but these beautiful lampwork glass beads were too good for me to pass up! Look at the beauties that I added to my stash that sleepless winter night:


Nancy Tobey: This "bowling pin" bead by glass artist Nancy Tobey was made with borosilicate glass, and contains all of my favorite colors. The shape of this bead is quite unusual, and I'm thinking it'll lend itself well as a focal for a stunning (but subtle) beaded rope. Nancy's handmade glass beads reflect her love of nature and organic shapes, and she is an absolute master at capturing the exquisite color of the borosilicate glass in her beads.

glass-beads Joyce Rooks: Joyce's background as an artist working in ceramics and clay, as well as her experience as a professional musician, have led her to create unique glass beads full of unexpected lines, colors and effects.  This beautifully textured bead has been fumed with gold and lightly etched. Her use of bright and vibrant colors just makes me want to sing (or laugh!) when I get a look at her beautiful glass beads!
glass-beads Amy Johnson: While some people might look at Amy's beads as "weird", I am drawn to their shapes and colors. Her sculptural prowess with glass is apparent when you actually get to hold one of her beads in your hand and marvel at it's well-formed appendages and lines.
Mix lampwork glass beads with beadweaving in Colorplay Bangles by Barbara Richard from Beadwork magazine 2010!

The real test came when my package of beads arrived a few days later – would I be as happy with my beads in the harsh light of day as I had been in the middle of the night? I was pleased to discover that yes, these beads were just as beautiful in person as they had been on my computer screen while I was half asleep!


Now comes the fun of figuring out how to use these beautiful lampwork glass beads! It's always a challenge to mix off-loom beadweaving with gorgeous glass beads like these, but having a great resource for all things beadweaving like Beadwork magazine definitely helps.

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Do you have a favorite glass bead artist? Tell us about them and share a link to their online store or website here on the blog! Let's spread some beady love around!

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