Let the Inspiration Stream In: Past Episodes of Beads, Baubles & Jewels Available through Online Workshops

You never know where your next source of inspiration will come from. Just as flipping through old magazines can trigger new design ideas, it’s inspirational to go back and watch previous episodes of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels. And the good news is that Series 1800 is now available to stream in its entirety by subscribing to Interweave’s Online Workshops!

Interweave has had a long, tight-knit relationship with the PBS educational jewelry-making show. Host Katie Hacker has a passion for sharing tips on tools, trends, and techniques. In each episode, she and her guests equip people with the skills and confidence to create their own jewelry. While new seasons are constantly coming out, older episodes are still near and dear to our hearts.

Check out this excerpt from episode 1803 to learn three essential knots from Katie Hacker!

Series 1800: A Jewelry-Making Workshop is filled with techniques like bead stitching, soldering, metal clay, mixed media, and so much more. With 13 episodes of fast-paced and inspiring design ideas, you’ll come away from each segment with new perspectives and combinations to try.

I dived right into these episodes and learned tons of tricks I had never thought of before. Here are just a few that stood out to me, but trust me – there are more where these came from! To access this entire season as well as dozens of courses in beading and jewelry, subscribe to Interweave’s Online Workshops for just $9.99 a month.

Beads, Baubles, & Jewels

Kate Richbourg and Katie Hacker explore soldering domes on Beads, Baubles, & Jewels.

Soldering Dome Shapes with Kate Richbourg

Did you know that before soldering a dome shape to a flat surface, you need to create an escape hole for the fumes? I had no idea! Soldering expert Kate Richbourg leads the way in episode 1805: Problem Solving.

First, she punches a hole in the sheet metal with a screw-down hole punch (affiliate link). She then creates a miniature dome with a dapping block and mallet, applies dots of solder paste “around the clock” of the dome with a titanium solder pick, and finally fires it with a butane micro-torch. As a viewer, I love being able to watch the binder burn out and the solder start to flow to form an unbroken join.

Beads, Baubles, & Jewels

Follow along with Kate Richbourg as she punches an escape hole in the sheet metal, daps a domed shape, and torch-fires the pieces together.

For more from Kate, check out her books Simple Soldering and Metalsmithing Made Easy and her video collection all about soldering with mircro-torches.

Beads, Baubles, & Jewels

Kerry Bogert shares her extensive knowledge of patinas on Beads, Baubles, & Jewels.

Potato Chip Patinas with Kerry Bogert

With a name like “potato chip patinas,” how could this topic not be a winner? In episode 1807: Palette Play, Kerry Bogert, now Interweave’s Editorial Director of Books, gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this simple snack to create a beautiful patina on a copper bangle.

She recommends cleaning the bangle in salt water first, then burying it in the potato chips doused with a bit of vinegar. Wait a few hours (up to 24) for the magic to work, resulting in a beautifully encrusted green patina. Kerry also covers various other ways to create patinas and how to seal the metal to preserve the look.

Beads, Baubles & Jewels

The potato chip patina in process: Before, during, and after.

For more from Kerry, check out her books Color Canvas Collection and Totally Twisted: Innovative Wirework & Art Glass Jewelry, and her video Wire Coiling Secrets: Tips, Techniques, and Creative Jewelry Design.

Beads, Baubles, & Jewels

Jean Campbell brings her expert tips for right-angle weave to Beads, Baubles, & Jewels.

Shape Up Your Right-Angle Weave with Jean Campbell

When I came upon a segment in episode 1809: Custom Creations with tips for keeping right-angle weave neat and tidy, I sat up and took note. Though I have only played with the basics of RAW, I can already tell it will become one of my very favorite stitches.

“Stitch Pro” Jean Campbell shows samples and gives great pointers on this advanced and versatile stitch. Tight tension is key to creating beautiful RAW beadwork that will easily accept embellishments. To that end, try filling the holes with thread as much as possible, even if it means passing through each unit a second time. Waxing your thread is another tip that can help give your thread more “grab.” Jean also demonstrates a clever method using a head pin and placeholder beads to keep the tension.

Beads, Baubles & Jewels

To keep your right-angle weave straight and orderly rather than muddled, Jean demonstrates how to use head pins to keep the beads in line.

Jean has dozens of beautiful patterns and projects in the Interweave store, including Best of Beadwork: 8 Projects from Designer of the Year Jean Campbell and her video Mixed Media: Personalized Jewelry – Capturing Memories in Handmade Details.

Beads, Baubles & Jewels

Syndee Holt’s custom cabochons and bezels were all created with polymer clay.

Custom Polymer Clay Cabs with Syndee Holt

I know I already discussed one highlight from episode 1809, but I just have to mention one more. As a sucker for polymer clay, I loved seeing Sculpey (affiliate link) Ambassador Syndee Holt’s creative custom cabochons. She displays wonderful designs that can be made from scrap clay with a shiny glaze, beautifully-concocted color blends, cane decorations, metallic powders, glitters, and granite-colored clay. She even makes her own clay bezels and bails by texturing or extruding coils.

Beads, Baubles & Jewels

Jackie Truty demonstrates how to make and fire a metal clay thumbprint keepsake on Beads, Baubles, & Jewels.

Beads, Baubles, & Jewels Guests on Series 1800

Each episode is packed with inspirational fodder from a range of jewelry artists. In this series, you’ll have the pleasure of learning from Katie Hacker and her cast of guests, including:

  • Candie Cooper
  • Melinda Barta
  • Kate Richbourg
  • Kerry Bogert
  • Molly Schaller
  • Jean Campbell
  • Laura Timmons
  • Christi Friesen
  • Mary Hettmansperger
  • Elizabeth Ward
  • Jackie Truty
  • Syndee Holt

To get started binge-watching all 13 episodes, subscribe to Interweave’s Online Workshops! As a subscriber, you’ll also have access to dozens of courses for in-depth tutorials on everything from seed beading to creating metal jewelry.

Go be creative!
Tamara Kula
Producer, Bead & Jewelry

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