Beading With a Buddy for National Craft Month!

What could be better than beading? Beading with a buddy, of course! I don't have too many opportunities to bead with my friends, but since it's National Craft Month and we're all about Passing On Our Passion this month, I set up a "date" with my friend Kate Sears, who just opened up a small sewing and craft shop in Wilmington, New York.

These little origami paper bead stars were delightful to make!

Kate makes absolutely beautiful beaded earrings and pendants using bead embroidery and embellishment, and last year she took the plunge and opened her own business, Creations Tailor and Upholstery, Arts and Crafts. She decided to have a little Grand Opening Craft Night and offered a free project for us all to make and take home: beautiful little origami paper stars strung on a necklace!

My skills at origami had previously been limited to admiring the work that my friends do, but Kate assured me that these were easy to make. She was right — after I got the hang of folding these little origami stars, I understood why she had an entire jar of them at home. They were fun and addicting!

I had brought along a beading project of my own to work on, but it was so much fun folding these little paper beads with Kate and her friends that I never actually got around to working on it. At the end of the night, I had a beautiful necklace of origami star beads and some new friends!

My friend Kate Sears (right) was a great teacher!

There's just something wonderful about crafting with a group of people. Strangers quickly become friends, and I always enjoy the creative energy that comes from an evening of collective crafting.

Kate certainly did a great job at Passing on Her Passion for making these lovely little origami stars at her craft night — are you planning to share your love of beading and jewelry making with someone this month? Make sure you head on over to our Pass On Your Passion blog and tell us how you are going to share your passion for beading with someone. You might win some cool prizes from Interweave!

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