Learning How to Bead: 3 Ways Your Life Will Change

By Jennifer VanBenschoten

Learning how to bead has changed my life so much for the better – I’ve made some incredible friends, traveled in search of new beads and in pursuit of learning new beading techniques, and increased my knowledge of history, geography, and anthropology. I had no idea those little beads had so much to teach me!

Once you learn how to tie a square knot and learn all about the different kinds of beading thread and which beading projects they’re best for, you’ll find that there are certain things about your life that will change once you learn how to bead.

Three Ways Your Life Will Change When You Learn How to Bead:

  1. Inform your family right now that meals will no longer be served on the dining room or kitchen tables. From now on, they can eat standing at the kitchen counter or over the sink so that the precious space at the tables can be used for learning how to bead. As soon as you pull all the beads for one of your bead projects, you’ll think of another and pull the beads for that one, too. Each set of beads for a bead design will have to go in its own plastic bag or on its own bead tray so that you can work on them all simultaneously.

    Your bedroom will also now become a place for beading. Which leads to…

  2. You’ll start dreaming about beads. No, really, this has happened to me: when I was first learning how to bead, I would wake up from a dream that I had suddenly acquired dozens of types of Czech glass beads (daggers were very popular at the time), and I would wake up thoroughly disappointed that I didn’t actually own all those beads. You will also start dreaming about bead storage. No kidding. How many times have I dreamed that my bead mess was somehow magically transported and organized into neat, little, clean, plastic, white containers and stacked symmetrically against the wall? Too many to count, that’s how many.
  3. Beading ideas will pop up in the most inconvenient places. This happened to me when I was working as a community development project manager. In meetings, I’d find myself doodling little beading designs in the margins of my notes. Lunches were spent chatting with colleagues and flipping through bead catalogs (there were paper bead catalogs back in those days), with more beading ideas scribbled down on napkins that were tucked unceremoniously into my purse or my organizer.

    >Beading instructions were my preferred reading at night before bed, and even still on some nights when the insomnia keeps me awake, I can very often lull myself into relaxation by imagining the steps in creating new bead designs or new bead projects as I drift off to sleep.

Are you ready to surrender to the beads? Learn how to bead today!

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