Beading Supplies I Love: Thread Catchers, Bead Mats, and Crafting Totes from Judi Patuti

I love my little "corner office" where I have my desk, my computer, and my beading area set up. What I don't love is that because we have a large dog who gets into things, I have to constantly remember to empty my garbage can of thread scraps and snips all the time so that he doesn't eat them. So, I was absolutely thrilled to receive the gift of a JudiPatuti thread catcher to keep my beading area free of scraps of thread and other snippets from my beading sessions.

My Judi Patuti thread catcher goes everywhere I go when I'm beading!

The first thing that struck me when I opened my thread catcher is just how sturdy and well-made it is. I can't sew to save my life, but my aunt was a professional seamstress, so I recognize great stitching when I see it.The thread catcher is padded, and the fabrics are perfectly color coordinated.

This is a versatile piece of beading equipment. The design allows you to use this thread catcher pretty much anywhere that you like to bead. Tuck the little weight inside and stand it up on your desk or table. Unfold the weight and sling it over the arm of your most comfortable chair while you bead. Or, use the side of the weight with the non-slip fabric to hang your thread catcher on the side of your table.

The inside pouch is definitely large enough to hold all of your scraps from a good session of bead-weaving or bead embroidery. It's the perfect way to catch all those snipped threads, scraps of Ultrasuede or bead embroidery backing, and used toothpicks so they don't find their way onto the floor.

Slip a small pair of embroidery scissors or a thread cutter into the inside loop, and fold the whole thing up and tie it with the colorful ribbon when you're ready to take your thread catcher with you!

Each thread catcher is handmade in the USA, one at a time. There are dozens of bright and fun fabrics available on the JudiPatuti website so you can pick just the right one for yourself or for a gift.

And if you want to get your entire beading area totally decked out, choose a matching JudiPatuti bead mat, complete with a colorful tool box for your needles, small jewelry pliers, and other small sewing notions. Carry it all in one of the luxurious JudiPatuti tote bags, and you're ready to bring a little bit of sunshine with you wherever you bead!

You can read all about the JudiPatuti line and purchase your very own thread catchers, bead mats, and tote bags on her website,

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