Beading Supplies I Love: Kumihimo Beading Supplies from Tapestry Beads

Last month, I was lucky enough to be able to take a basic kumihimo with beads class at Bead Fest Philadelphia from the amazing Jill Wiseman. It was so much fun, and I picked it up so quickly, that the next day, I signed up for her advanced kumihimo class where I learned how to add focal beads and make a two-tone hollow kumihimo braid with a core of satin cords. You could say that I'm completely hooked on kumihimo, and yes, I'm working on writing up a few tutorials on basic kumihimo for Beading Daily in the coming weeks!

But meanwhile, if you've ever wanted to learn kumihimo and you're the kind of person who learns well from printed directions, you can find everything you need to learn how to do kumihimo with beads right on Jill's website, Tapestry Beads. Here's just a sampling of the kumihimo supplies you can find there:

Basic Kumihimo with Beads Bracelet Kits

This is the project that Jill teaches in her basic kumihimo with beads class, and the very first kumihimo project that I ever made. The kit comes with everything you need to make the bracelet in purple, silver, or gold iris. (Pretty colors!) The step-by-step instructions leave nothing out, from setting up your kumihimo disc to stringing on your beads to actually starting that first braid. You'll be amazed at how quickly this bracelet comes together — you really can finish it in an evening.

If you've already mastered the basics of kumihimo and just want an easy project with beads, you can purchase a kit refill that comes with everything except the instructions. Jill's kumihimo with beads instructions are also available individually, without the kit materials.

Kumihimo Discs and Bobbins

Now that you're hooked on kumihimo like I am, you'll probably have four or five kumihimo projects going at once. Tapestry Beads sells more kumihimo discs and bobbins to help feed your need for making these beaded braids! (And the extra bobbins are also great for winding on long lengths of beading thread when you decide to hit the road with your bead-weaving projects, too!)

Kumihimo End Caps

I love the whole finishing process for my kumihimo braids, and the end caps are my favorite part! End caps and cones make for a nice, neat finish to your fun beaded kumihimo bracelets and necklaces, and Tapestry Beads has a wonderful assortment for the adventurous kumihimo beginner. There are huge end caps that can be used with size 6o seed beads (or larger), and smaller end caps for smaller beads.

The only thing you can't purchase from Tapestry Beads online (yet) is the S-Lon or C-Lon cord we used for our beaded kumihimo projects. You can usually find S-Lon or C-Lon cord at your local bead shop, or for online sources, try Sparkle Spot Bead Shop or Caravan Beads.

Even if kumihimo isn't your thing (yet), make sure you spend some time checking out all the fabulous bead-weaving kits and projects that Jill has for sale at Tapestry Beads, including signed copies of her new book, Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes.

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