Beading Supplies I Love: Ceramic Bead Dishes

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I love using ceramic bead dishes for certain beading tasks. Here is an assortment of my ceramic beading dishes with beads for various projects in them!

When I first started beading, I used to pour my seed beads into large, bulky plastic storage boxes and then bead with them right from the box. No bead mat, no tray, no nothing. I would find myself working on a piece of beadwork, cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by three or four of these humongous storage boxes, each containing a dozen or so colors of seed beads, and using only one color from each box. Talk about making something more difficult than it has to be!

A few months into my beading journey, I discovered a tiny bead shop not too far from my university in upstate New York. I quickly signed up for their beading classes and was presented with my first ceramic bead dish. From that day on, I was in love. I found that using those ceramic bead dishes was so much easier than scooping my beads directly from their original storage containers – especially when it came time to tackle an intricate amulet bag with more than fifteen colors of cylinder beads!

I still love to use my ceramic bead dishes when I'm working on a bead looming project or when I need to see how a particular color palette of beads will look without mixing bead colors. (I'm one of those beaders who does not like mixing her colors!) Using ceramic beading dishes instead of plastic doesn't create a lot of static in your beads when you're working, and the beads are easier to see.

There are a few drawbacks to using these ceramic bead dishes, though. If you drop one on a concrete or tile floor, it'll shatter, so take care to keep them on your beading table. Ceramic bead dishes don't usually come with a cover, but you can use a piece of heavy duty plastic wrap as a temporary cover. Emptying the beads out of the dishes takes a little extra care, too, since there are no funnels or other mechanisms for neatly pouring beads out of the dish.

Many online bead suppliers still carry ceramic bead dishes, or you can check with your local bead shop.

Have you ever used ceramic bead dishes? What did you think about them? Do you have a special bead dish that you prefer over the ceramic bead dishes? Leave a comment and share your thoughts here on the blog!

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