Beading Projects That Will Take Your Breath Away

I love the days when I get the newest issue of Beadwork magazine. Those are the days when I treat myself to a cup of tea or hot chocolate, something yummy to eat, and I let myself take a couple of hours to kick back and read that magazine from cover to cover. Why do I take my time when I give that issue of Beadwork magazine a good read-through? Because I am always inspired and amazed at the beading projects that I find within its pages.

Now, I don't have time to bead up every single project that I want to when I see it in the magazine. But there are times when I fall in love with a beading project and I just have to drop everything and start working on it. Case in point: the August/September 2011 issue. As I was perusing the pages, this amazing bracelet by Carole Ohl caught my eye. Called Elegant Choices, it uses Swarovski crystal pearls (I'm a sucker for pearls!) and triangle beads to make a classy bracelet. I chose to do three of them: one in a purple metallic with dusty green pearls, one in a silver lined gold with gold pearls and cream colored seed beads, and the third one, which is still sitting on my work pad, in silver lined red with white pearls and metallic gold seed beads. The temptation was just too much – I actually stayed up until nearly two in the morning over the weekend working on these!

My other weakness is the Designer of the Year department. Those beading projects – designed by some of the beading world's most talented designers and artists – are some of the most innovative and technically challenging projects you can find. After working up Marcia DeCoster's Elipse Necklace, first published in the February/March 2009 issue as part of the first round of Designers of the Year, I felt like I had taken my understanding of right-angle weave to a whole new level.

If there's one thing that I love about Beadwork magazine, it's that they do one thing really well. That one thing happens to be bringing you the best in beading projects and designs from not only today's top beading artists, but also from great new beading artists. Each issue is full of gorgeous beading projects, month after month, and beading designs that will take your breath away.

In between beading projects, life happens – we move, change jobs, and sometimes we lose our copies of Beadwork magazine along the way. (Like I did in January of 2008 when I accidentally left my copy behind at the hospital after having my son!) Is your collection of Beadwork magazine complete? Now is the time to check and see if you need any back issues. For a limited time, all remaining back issues of Beadwork magazine are 50% off! (And when they're gone, they're gone!) Take advantage of the Beadwork back issue sale and complete your collection.

What's your favorite project that has appeared in Beadwork magazine? Share your favorite beading projects here on the blog! Or better yet, post photos of completed creations from the pages of Beadwork magazine in the Reader Photo Gallery!

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