Beading Projects: Bead Up a Garden of Critters

The seasons change, and no matter where you are, by the time the change comes, you’re more than ready for the splendor — no matter what that might be: the first winter snow, the first spring rain, or the first bite of an apple in the fall. As the weather warms in the northeast, the ground comes alive. We look forward to the first blush of color in the grass, the first blooms in the garden, the bugs. BUGS?! Well. Even though they can be a nuisance, they are part of the package. And if you can’t beat ‘em, why not bead them with these beading projects!

Bumblebee, Nancy Cain

Bumblebee, Nancy Cain

Beading Projects: Bees

The bumblebee comes to mind when I think of our spring and summer flowers. I’m always in awe of how hard bees work. Laser focused, they buzz from bloom to bloom, plant to plant, and garden to garden. Nancy Cain captures the beauty of a bumblebee through the use of her stitching prowess and beautiful beads.

Create your own while learning small-scale sculptural techniques. Attach your finished bees to a pin back, ear wires, or a length of wire to form a loop and wear your bee as a pendant.

beading projects - A beaded bumble bee fit for royalty.

A beaded bumble bee fit for royalty.

Using 24k gold-plated beads in place of yellow makes an elegantly sophisticated bee. Make a queen bee by adding a crown made of ladder-stitched seed beads and crystal fringe.

Coco Chenille beaded bracelets, Nancy Cain

Coco Chenille, Nancy Cain

Beading Projects: Caterpillar

This easy-to-make bracelet, named for chenille (the French word for caterpillar), is fun and fast to make. Thanks to the embellished tubular netting base and a little bit of wirework, it looks more complex than it really is.

beading projects Butterfly Pendant, Camilla Vejen Eriksen

Butterfly Pendant, Camilla Vejen Eriksen


Beading Projects: Butterflies

No matter the season or the year, butterflies are always on trend. Create this lovely wire-wrapped pendant to wear or gift to a special someone. The design is easily adapted to suit any outfit by changing the beads. You can also change the lengths of wire to create a more stylized butterfly design.

Mariposa Bracelet, Svetlana Chernitsky

Mariposa Bracelet, Svetlana Chernitsky

Mariposa is an edgy, fun bracelet design, and you might wonder why it’s part of the Garden Critters post! Hidden in the design is a unique butterfly effect made through a creative use of color, two-hole beads, and by combining two-needle right-angle weave and peyote stitches. So fun!

Get More Garden Beading Projects

For more garden-inspired beading projects, be sure to check out Huib Petersen’s diagonal peyote work and Nancy Cain’s Netting Stitch designs.

What’s your favorite garden critter? Leave a note in the comments.

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Bead up a garden full of critters with these projects!

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