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This time of year in the Northeast, we start to have less rain and lots of heat. The flowers start to suffer about mid-July, if you’re not careful. My yard still has some color (my husband does an amazing job keeping up with the watering) and the area is  ripe with black-eyed Susans, sunflowers, and coneflowers. These flowers are hearty and don’t seem to suffer from the current conditions and I love how these flowers draw the finches back now that we aren’t feeding them seeds. But gone are the days of our lilies, peonies, and the roses struggle. To help counter the change in scenery, it seemed fitting to bring some flowers and color to our beading.

Culling through past Beadwork issues, we’ll kick off some garden party favorites with Laurie  Long Marcum’s Daisy Duos Bracelet design,  the first of the flower-inspired beading patterns that caught my eye.

Beading pattern, Daisy Duo Bracelet by Laurie Long Marcum

Daisy Duo Bracelet, by Laurie Long Marcum

This design is made by weaving SuperDuo beads into circular patterns using a variation of circular peyote stitch. The flower “petals” are accented with size 8 seed beads along the “petals,” which are added using a variation of the peyote bead weaving stitch. The center of each flower is created with a pressed-glass round.

On the Vine Bracelet by Jacqui Higgins makes me think of the sweet little flowers we call volunteers (since we didn’t plant them).

Beading pattern, On the Vine Bracelet, by Jacqui Higgins

On the Vine Bracelet, by Jacqui Higgins

The sweet flowers in this design are pressed-glass rose petals and bellflowers, stitched onto a “vine” of fire-polished rounds and seed beads woven together using two-needle right-angle weave.

I like the idea behind Evelina Palmontová’s design, Crystal Garden Bracelet. Crystals in the garden? Sounds perfect!

Beading pattern, Crystal Garden Bracelet, by Evelina Palmontová

Crystal Garden Bracelet, by Evelina Palmontová

This design is a combination of seed and bugles beads woven together using right-angle weave to create the base, with a peyote-stitch matrix of triangles and crystals, and a bold row of pearls which create a beautiful dimensional bracelet.

Barbara Falkowitz and Amy Haftkowycz combine talent to create Bell Flower Necklace.

Beading pattern, Bell Flower Necklace, by Barbara Falkowitz and Amy Haftkowycz

Bell Flower Necklace, by Barbara Falkowitz and Amy Haftkowycz

This design is a beautiful example of the amazingly flexible nature of herringbone stitch, (used to weave the herringbone chains) and the versatility of tubular herringbone seen in the sweet flower drops.

I know it’s a lot to ask for wildflowers in summer, but I couldn’t resist highlighting this bright and colorful Wildflower Bouquet Bracelet by Debora Hodoyer.

Beading pattern, Wildflower Bouquet Bracelet, by Deborah Hodoyer

Wildflower Bouquet Bracelet, by Deborah Hodoyer

This design is a mix of beads with modern shapes and finishes woven together to create an abstract floral component-based bracelet woven in circular peyote stitch and netting.

No matter what inspires your creativity this time of year, there is bound to be something for you in the pattern sale.

Please share which of the amazing beading patterns inspired you and got you weaving beads today by leaving a comment at

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