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5 Stars for Customer Reviews!

I must confess, I’m a bit of an Amazon addict. But in all fairness, it took me a while to get there.

I still remember my first few online purchases, during which I was excited at the prospect of being able to purchase something without leaving the house and without even needing to call a customer service line for assistance. But I also remember my nervousness: “Is this really safe? Will my credit card get hacked? Will I actually receive what I’ve ordered?”

My first Amazon purchases were, of course, books. (Some of you might not remember that Amazon carried only books at first!) Within a few years I’d branched out to music and gifts, then eventually clothing and even small furniture. And now I’m as likely to log on to my Amazon account and order household necessities as I am to brave the local Wal-Mart on a Saturday!

Customer Reviews for Beading Patterns to the Rescue

Part of my comfort with online shopping, especially on Amazon, comes from the customer review system. If I’m on the fence about a purchase, I just scroll down to the customer reviews–and voila, I instantly have dozens of other people’s opinions on the product I’m considering. I find customer reviews invaluable no matter what I’m buying. For example: The book blurb sounds great, but are the characters properly developed? Is the ending too predictable? Those ankle boots are a steal, but do they fit true to size? Do they squeeze in the toe area? And those wireless earbuds would make a great gift for one of the kids, but how well will they hold up to teen use/abuse? Reading a few reviews will help answer those questions, and more.

Similarly, customer reviews in the Interweave store can help you determine whether a video covers a particular technique, whether a webinar includes the specific information you’re looking for, or whether a pattern is easy to follow.

Here at Interweave, we appreciate all feedback–even negative feedback, which helps us improve our product offerings and tailor future content to what our customers want. But we especially love positive feedback (who doesn’t!) because it lets us know when we’ve hit the mark.

5-Star Pattern Collection

Our 5-Star Pattern Collection is a group of projects that definitely hit the mark with our customers. It includes 12 bracelet, necklace, and earring designs that we’re sure you’ll love. (You don’t have to believe me; just check out the customer reviews!)

Botanic Gardens Bracelet, Svetlana Chernitsky, Beadwork Jun/Jul14

According to Pamala, this pattern has “wonderful directions” that are “easy to follow.” In addition, the bracelet “makes up beautifully in any color” and is “very wearable/giftable.”

5 star pattern collection, Botanic Gardens bracelet beading pattern

Botanic Gardens Bracelet, Svetlana Chernitsky


Cane-Back Bracelet, Julie Glasser, Quick + Easy Beadwork 2015

Lyn calls this project “fabulous.” She says, “I am halfway into making this bracelet and it is working up beautifully. The written instructions and diagrams are excellent, and it looks nicer than in the photo. I will definitely be making more than one!”

5 star pattern collection, Cane Back bracelet beading pattern

Cane-Back Bracelet, Julie Glasser


Celtic Knot Earrings, Janet Palumbo-Lavery, Quick + Easy Beadwork 2014

Tracy likes this quick and easy pattern because it’s “easy to follow” and “great for last minute gifts.”

5 star pattern collection, Celtic Knot earrings beading pattern

Celtic Knot Earrings, Janet Palumbo-Lavery


Coachella Earrings, Melinda Barta, Quick + Easy Beadwork 2014

According to Ginny, these fun and easy earring “make up super quick” and “look really great with jeans.” She also says she loves the earrings’ funky style.

5 star pattern collection, Coachella earrings beading pattern

Coachella Earrings, Melinda Barta

Cubed Chandelier Earrings, Marcia DeCoster, Beadwork Apr/May16

Kate seems quite smitten with these earrings! She says, “I have only been beading for 5 months, but after watching several of Marcia DeCoster’s videos, I was able to complete the earrings. Although complicated, the instructions are well-written and clear. The earrings are stunning in real life, and I will be making myself a pair in every color.”

5 star pattern collection, Cubed Chadelier earrings beading pattern

Cubed Chandelier Earrings, Marcia DeCoster


Fan Flower Earrings, Penny Dixon, Beadwork Oct/Nov14

I actually own these earrings, and I love them! But don’t just take my word for it; Andrea likewise says, “These beautiful earrings can be made easily because the pattern is easy to follow, with lots of pictures to assist completion of the product.”

5 star pattern collection, Fan Flower earrings beading pattern

Fan Flower Earrings, Penny Dixon


Flamenco Bracelet, Teresa Morse, Beadwork Jun/Jul16

Patricia calls this design “very pretty” and says she likes the light look of the bracelet.

5 star pattern collection, Flamenco bracelet beading pattern

Flamenco Bracelet, Teresa Morse


Indian Summer Bracelet, Susan Council, Beadwork Aug/Sep14

Kim says, “This is a fun bracelet to make! The materials are beautiful.”

5 star pattern collection, Indian Summer bracelet beading pattern

Indian Summer Bracelet, Susan Council


Reflecting Pool Necklace, Tatiana Mueller, Quick + Easy Beadwork 2014

This pattern is “excellent,” according to Lillian. “I enjoyed making this necklace. The instructions were well-written and the illustrations were easy to follow. This necklace can be worn with any outfit!”

5 star pattern collection, Reflecting Pool necklace beading pattern

Reflecting Pool Necklace, Tatiana Mueller


Saffron Blooms Bracelet, Evelína Palmontová, Beadwork Apr/May14

Kathryn says she “loved” this “easy pattern.” (And I know others have loved the pattern, too; we’ve seen a few variations on the design sent to us by Beadwork readers.)

5 star pattern collection, Saffron Blooms beading pattern

Saffron Blooms Bracelet, Evelína Palmontová


Sleek in Silver, Hatsumi Oshitani, Beadwork Oct/Nov11

This project was a huge hit with a couple of customers. Daphne calls the design “versatile,” saying, “I’ve varied this pattern to include multiple shades of grey Tilas and a mixture of drops, including dagger beads and pearls. I love the way it drapes.” Mary agrees, saying, “I’ve made this necklace in three color variations, so far. I’m sure I’ll do more. It makes up surprisingly quickly. The finished necklace drapes beautifully.”

5 star pattern collection, Sleek Silver beading pattern

Sleek in Silver, Hatsumi Oshitani


Trumpet Flower Necklace, Leslie Frazier, Beadwork Aug/Sep12

Alison calls this design “a joy to make.” She says, “When I first saw this pattern, I HAD to make it. It was a little time consuming but well worth the effort. My customers couldn’t believe it was actually handmade.” She also notes that “the instructions were crystal clear.”

5 star pattern collection, Trumpet Flower beading pattern

Trumpet Flower Necklace, Leslie Frazier

As you can tell from our real customer reviews, these patterns are worth having! Get the 5-Star Pattern Collection while it lasts, for the LOW price of $12.99!

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