Beading in the Living Room with Debora Hodoyer

Debora Hodoyer submitted her first design to Beadwork magazine in November, 2014. We checked out her Etsy site and were immediately enthralled with her designs. Since then, Debora has become a frequent and valued contributor to the magazine. She has a fun and wearable style, and lately we’ve loved seeing how she has been incorporating Arcos and Minos par Puca beads into her designs. For more on Debora and her work, read: Learn About Color with Bead Weaving Artist Debora Hodoyer and read on to peek into the space where she creates her fabulous beaded jewelry.

Debora’s Beading Space

Q: Where is your current beading space located?

A: My workspace is located in the living room. The entire room is my beading space!

Q: How is your workspace organized?

A: I bead on the dining table (which has never been used for dining), in the center of the living room. I keep all my tools (pliers, scissors, beading needles, pens, and notebooks), stringing materials, and desk lamps on this table. I have enough room to lay out my beads before starting a project, as well as take step-by-step photos of new designs in a small dedicated area near the corner of the table.

Beading in the Living Room with Debora Hodoyer

The sofa and laptop are behind me. I can easily take a rest on the sofa when I’m tired. I use the laptop to listen to music with headphones while I’m beading. In addition, I use the computer to work on different writing, editing, and graphics programs.

The TV is in front of me, set on a wooden glass showcase where I also keep other beading tools and related items. This lets me watch a TV show while I’m working. On the right side of the room, on a small table, is my bead storage area.

Beading in the Living Room with Debora Hodoyer

I also have another small glass showcase where I keep my photographic materials.

Beading in the Living Room with Debora Hodoyer

The Good and the Bad

Q: What do you love about your beading space?

A: I love that it’s all mine and that everything I need is available nearby.

Q: What’s the ONE thing you would change about your studio if you could?

A: If I could, I would change the size of the window. It’s a standard window size, but I’d like it to be bigger, to let more light into the room.

A Simple But Useful Tool

Q: What’s your favorite beading tool?

A: My favorite beading tool is . . . a spoon! I use a spoon to put my beads back into the ziplock bags when I’m finished beading. It’s really helpful and saves me a lot of time. (I’m one of those people who needs to clean up my workspace after beading because I need a clean space to start another project.)

Beading in the Living Room with Debora Hodoyer

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