Beading is Better Than Sunburns!

I’m a mountain girl, born and raised. This means I’d take a snowstorm over 100 degree heat any day. Now that I live on the hot and dry Front Range of Colorado, any day over 75 degrees makes me beg for cold mountain air. For now, air conditioning will have to do. Simply put, I wasn’t born to be in the hot sun; getting a tan is never an option, I just burn to a crisp!

Luckily for me, I’ve found many ways to beat the afternoon heat. My favorite? You guessed it, beading! And since my 4 1/2 year old daughter takes after me, she enjoys spending an afternoon beading as well. I’m proud to say that she has no problem stringing size 11 beads with a size 10 needle! The only trouble is keeping the tray away from her little brother.

Here are just a few ways to beat the heat:

1) Learn a technique. Summer is a busy time, so it’s understandable if bead shopping isn’t at the top of your list. But don’t let that be a reason to hide your bead tray–learn a new technique instead, it only takes a few materials. If you haven’t tried PRAW (prismatic right-angle weave), check out the tutorial from Cindy Holsclaw in Beadwork’s August/September issue. Don’t let the name intimidate you, it’s essentially CRAW (cubic right-angle weave) with more sides to each unit, resulting in endless possibilities. Here’s a great overview from Cindy that shows how units look when worked with 3, 4, 5, and 6 sides. Notice how the 4-sided example is the same as CRAW? See, you can do this!!

2) Experience the ease of a kit. Spend less time pondering what colors to use and more time beading with a kit. I like working from kits because when my kids are napping I can sit down a get right to work. Here are 3 offerings from this issue (left to right): Kelly Wiese’s Delicate Details Bracelet, Rae Burns’s Fiesta Bracelet, and Laura Graham’s Tessellations Collar.

3) Play with pattern. Best of all, you only need Delicas to do so! In our second project from Carole E. Hanley’s Pattern Play 4-part series, she brings us this stunning brick-stitch bracelet. Use a sticky note to keep your place on the easy-to-follow chart (see August/September 2015 Beadwork for the complete pattern).

And, of course, online shopping is another great way to hide from the hot sun! I’m happy to share this super sale with you. Stock up on patterns, books, magazines, CD collections, webinars, and more now through Friday, July 10th at Interweave’s Virtual Summer Tent Sale!

Have fun!

Editor, Beadwork magazine

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