Beading is a Way of Life and Ties Us Together

When I write a blog post, I’m tempted to reference the weather, as if you’ll read this the day after I write it. And, as if you were my next-door neighbor and your weather the same as mine. None of this is actually the case, but for a moment, we are neighbors, and you are with me in my heart and mind. It feels the same to me when we work on an issue of Beadwork magazine. No matter the time of year or which issue we’re working on, I give you my very best and take you with me through each page. So. Thanks for being my constant companion as a subscriber; it’s a pleasure to spend time with you each day.


Knight’s Armor Necklace made by Graham. Read about Laura Graham in: Beadwork Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Celebration: Stories That Inspire, with Laura Graham

No matter the weather on the day you are reading this and no matter the season, there’s something about beading that unites us. Beading is something that never goes out of style. Trends come and go (kind of) and one color is in favor more than another on any given day or year. But, how you approach peyote, herringbone, right-angle weave, or whatever your favorite stitch is, the bead weaving will always be the same, even if with a variation here or there. It’s our common ground.

Through the course of this year, I’ve heard directly from many of you. Thank you for taking the time to reach out. You shared your appreciation for all we put into an issue and you were very kind to also share what you’re looking for or wish we could do differently. Well, for 2019, we were able to integrate some of your requests, as well as bring you things we have had fun working on that we think you’ll appreciate.


Tassel necklace designs by Kristina Hahn Eleniak (left) and Anne Perry (right)

Inside each issue you will find a variety of projects ranging from easy to more advanced. Designs that will inspire you and some that you may never want to make but can appreciate for their beauty and expert bead weaving. There will be projects made using shaped beads and many with traditional seed beads. Fast & Fabulous has been a big hit—thanks for all your kind words and to our contributors for all their wonderful designs—we’ll continue this section with all new themes.

In addition to amazing projects by each of our Designers of the Year, we will be bringing you a more in-depth look into their stories. Oh, did I forget to mention? In the February/March issue we will reveal our three new Designers of the Year – don’t miss it!

Each issue will have a special themed section that includes projects made to suit the topic. The themes are as follows:

  • February/March is all about bold color. Think Mardi Gras, fun and fancy!
  • April/May will bring you a wide selection of shaped beads projects. We will feature the latest shapes with expert instructions as well as a shaped beads guide.
  • June/July is our ode to bead looming, with projects dedicated to this art form as well as information to take you beyond the basics.
  • August/September is the design issue. Go behind the scenes on how bead weaving patters are brought to life. Learn more from our contributors on how they reach their goals and deadlines&mdashespecially when a design is not working out quite right.
  • October/November will include designs incorporating lampwork beads along with some insight on this wonderful, hot (pun intended) technique.
  • Rounding out the year, December/January 2020 is our beaded ropes issue! You LOVE beaded ropes and we’ve heard you. We’ll be bringing you some dynamic work made using a variety of stitches.

If that isn’t enough, you can also count us to bring you bead weaving trends, beading techniques, and the latest from the experts in the field. And be sure to stay tuned into for all the late-breaking news.


Host of Beads, Baubles & Jewels, Katie Hacker

Rounding out what’s on tap for 2019 (that we can reveal right now), the 2700 series of Beads, Baubles & Jewels kicks off mid to late winter. Don’t miss an episode! Did you happen to miss this year’s season? Don’t fear! With every subscription purchase we’re including a DVD of the 2600 season of Beads, Baubles & Jewels. Don’t miss this great offer, as DVD supplies are limited!

Here’s to 2018, to what lies ahead, to the weather, and to spending time together–even if it’s virtually.
Editor, Beadwork magazine

Featured Image: Beadwork cover, October/November 2018

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