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Travel is so inspiring! Breathtaking views, exciting food, and that sense of getting away from it all are just part of the beauty of hitting the road. And, one of the best parts are the memories we bring back with us. They can fuel our creativity and provide beading inspiration for those less adventurous days.

These travel-inspired beading projects will make perfect additions to your pattern library, whether you’re planning a trip or want to get creative during your next stay-cation. Consider each one a postcard from its source of inspiration. The designers have drawn from beautiful locales, architectural elements and other travel themes to feed your wanderlust.

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Tuscan Vine beaded rope necklace by Carole Ohl

Tuscan Vine Necklace

Soak up the flavors of Tuscany with Carole Ohl’s Tuscan Vine Necklace. The colors and pattern are inspired by the vineyards of Italy’s awe-inspiring wine country. The Russian spiral technique is meditative, satisfying and the perfect antidote to travel fever. You can easily modify it to create a bracelet, too, to complete your travel wardrobe.

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Sedona Sunset by Shanna Steele

Sedona Sunset Bracelet

Native American jewelry and conchos inspired the design of Shanna Steele’s Sedona Sunset Bracelet. The bracelet’s color palette brings to mind the red rocks of Sedona, which are world-famous for good reason. Their otherworldly outcroppings against the brilliant sky are dramatic. You’ll use two-needle (affiliate link) circular peyote stitch to create this southwestern style bracelet.

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English Garden Earrings by Debora Hodoyer

English Garden Earrings

Gardens are rich sources of inspiration anywhere in the world, but English gardens are among my favorites. Debora Hodoyer’s English Garden Earrings reflect the symmetrical designs of the country’s formal gardens. The Arcos par Puca beads provide a geometric look reminiscent of English garden hedges. Each time you wear them, you’ll be transported across the pond in your imagination.

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Tower of London Bracelet by Patricia Verrier

Tower of London Bracelet

I know it’s cheating to include two projects inspired by English locales, but I can’t resist recommending this Tower of London Bracelet by Patricia Verrier. The negative space, architectural look, and decorative picots recall the famous fortress on the Thames. Combine right-angle weave and herringbone stitch in a bracelet that’s easy to convert to other colorways.

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Moroccan Moonlight Necklace By Shanna Steele

Moroccan Moonlight Necklace

A gateway to Africa, Morocco conjures visions of marketplaces, hillside medinas and colorful seaside ports. This Moroccan Moonlight Necklace by Shanna Steele combines the flavors and sparkle of this beautiful country that’s home to Casablanca. Capture a turquoise howlite donut in eye-catching beadwork suspended from a strand of beaded beads and chain. You’ll love this look!

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Featured Image: Tower of London in London, England by Tetra Images; Getty Images. Castle Rock in Sedona, Arizona by Jennifer Photography Imaging; Getty Images

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