Beading Holiday Designs in Summertime and Great Gifts You Can Make Anytime

While living at the beach one summer, we (my roommates and I) instituted Thanksgiving in July. We chose to celebrate this made-up holiday on the third Thursday in July (of course!). In reflection, I can see this was about having fun doing something different (and being grown ups), and more importantly, it was about spending time together and bringing our traditions to a new table. I can now also see, no matter our age, no matter the circumstances, no matter where we are, we feel the pull to take time to share time together; stopping the busy-ness of life, even if just for a few hours. And if that means a turkey dinner with all the trimmings or Christmas in July, I say go for it! (There have also been luaus during snowstorms, but that’s a story for another day.)

Christmas in July for me really is a good reminder to get ready for the holidays. Something about the beach, sunshine, and longer days that has me believing these days will last forever and the holidays far, far away. Not so. And so, thanks for the reminder “Christmas in July” ‘cause it really is on the horizon.

Gift Giving

I love to make things and I love to give the pieces I make to people I know will enjoy them. I’m not able to give as many gifts as I set out to do (something funny about time and there not being enough of it!), but I do like to get on a streak, make variations of a design, move onto the next, then repeat. As I look ahead and prepare for shopping at Bead Fest, these are the designs topping my list for this year’s gift giving.

Falling Snow Earrings

By Sandie Bachand
beading holiday designs in summertime
The soft hues and the sparkle in this sweet design makes this beaded earrings pattern ideal for everyone on my gift list. I love the bead colors shown and will also change up the colors to suit each lady. I’ll try a pair with black and white beads and a crystal rivoli, and maybe try the same contrasting bead combo with a jet rivoli. I’ll weave a pair with greens and blues, pinks and lavender, and maybe red and green!

Candelight Earrings

Evelina Palmontova

beading Christmas gifts in the summertime
Speaking of sparkle — these earrings pack a wallop! Not to mention they are a shape I gravitate toward most. These sparkling earrings will make a perfect design for a night out and likely will be a favorite of the ladies in my neighborhood. I’ll stick to this color palette but might swap crystal comet argent light for the crystal aurum.

“O” What Fun Bracelet Beading Project

By Yvonne Baughman

beading holiday designs in summertime
Check out the “O” beads in this bracelet. “O” beads are one of, if not my most favorite shaped beads. I can’t explain it. I’m just drawn to them and I love how they create the focal piece of this bracelet design. Beneath the “O” beads are two layers of right-angle weave finished with a nice beaded edging. All combined, this bracelet has great dimension, structure, and texture. And can you see the color combinations that will work for this design? Wowza!

Evening Star

by Agnieszka WattsSKU

The Evening Star necklace is a showstopper! A combination of fringe and beaded netting that captures the crystal rivolis, this design is feminine, rich in color, and elegant.

What is the Evening Star Necklace without matching earrings?

beading holiday designs in summertime

Well. It’s still beautiful so you don’t have to make these, but I feel they are a must. They will work great for that special evening out or holiday party and they will work really well on their own. Just in case, be sure to plan for these earrings when you start shopping for the beads and materials for the necklace.

No matter the season, no matter the reason, pick up your beads and make something new today. It really is nice to stretch our bead weaving skills, explore new beads, play with new bead color combinations, and enjoy sharing your creations with those you love — for Christmas or Thanksgiving in July, Luaus in winter, or for the real calendar holidays.

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