Beading Favorites from Beadwork Editors

These are a Few of Our Favorite (beading) Things

We’ve had a wonderful year of beading, working with tools, supplies, and a wonderful year sharing it all with each of you. Now it’s time to recap and bring our favorites together in the Editor’s Favorite Supplies Collection.

Beading Tools

Let’s get to a few of the tools first! The Bead on it Board is hands down my go to surface to use when I’m beading. And I love the pop of color they bring to my studio. Check out the pattern on the board in this collection!

I actually have a few sizes of Bead on it Boards in my studio and love them all equally. I have multiples of the size in this kit as it’s the perfect size for many projects. I use them when I’m creating a bracelet, when working on a pair of earrings with a lot of parts and pieces you want to keep corralled, and it’s the perfect size for putting on your lap while watching your favorite movie. Sometimes each one is filled at the same time; on those days, I consider buying another one!
Bead on it Board, beading favorites, bead embroidery

A Few Bead on it Board Tips

I’m a bit fussy about my boards and in case you would be too, here are a few of my tips. 

  • I’m always careful not to leave my tools on it overnight; otherwise you’ll have a nice impression of your tool on the surface. 
  • I try not to get the surface of the board wet. I bead by the pool in the summer and I have some areas on my board where the loft shows the fun from that day. 
  • Every once in a while, especially when working with darker materials that leave behind fuzz, I run a lint roller over the board.

Whether you’re fussy like me or don’t mind the changes that come with great use, the board is wonderful, holds up to heavy use, and offers a nice hint of style on any worktable.

Does a Beading Needle Make a Difference?

I just started using Tulip beading needles this year. Somewhere I overheard someone saying – “You now how beading needles bend so easily? Well, Tulip needles don’t.”

Tulip beading needle
At first I didn’t believe this was possible. I’m really hard on my needles and they always bend. I also couldn’t understand why they cost a bit more and I’ll admit, sometimes I like a good bent needle! Most times though, I like to be able to stitch and bead and have my needle working the same way from start to finish.

If that sounds like something that’s important to you, then you too should try these needles out! They are more pricey, but for sure worth every penny. Plus you get a nice case to store the needles.

One tip: if you get different brands of needles mixed together, the Tulip needles have a hint of gold at the eye of the needle, making them easy to sort out. 

Our Favorite Beading Books to Have at the Ready!

As for the great resources also selected for this collection:
A staple on my bookshelf is the Beader’s Companion. The great information in this book never goes out of style! I keep it close at hand as sometimes you need a refresher, want to try something new, or want to see a stitch from someone else’s viewpoint, etc. 

Upon first glance of the special Quick & Easy Beadwork issue, I was inspired by the colors and color combinations presented throughout the 34 projects. With your new Bead on it Board, Tulip needles, FireLine and other great supplies in the title=”Editor’s Favorite Supplies collection” alias=”Editor’s Favorite Supplies collection” conversion=”false”>Editor’s Favorite Supplies Collection, pick your favorite beads and you’re good to go with this issue! And good to go right out the door as the projects really are quick and easy!

Quick & Easy Highlights

So what’s inside? The designs in the Quick & Easy issue are gushing with juicy color choices, subtle sophisticated hues, and touches of pastels. As if the artists had a crystal ball, all colorways were used masterfully in designs that promise quick and easy – as well as hit the trends. What a help for our busy lives. All the work’s been done for us, now all we have to do is bead!

Here are a few designs to whet your appetite:

The stand-out color of Honeysuckle Vines by Agnieszka Watts resonates with the shade of yellow seen in fashion. 
Quick & Easy, beading favorites, beadweaving designs, colorful and fashionable

Apen Leaf Earrings by Alica Haron brings the Aspen front and center and offers her interpretation of color. Make one of each of her colorways – then mix in some of your own.
Quick & Easy, beading favorites, beadweaving designs, colorful and fashionable

This two-needle peyote stitch design made with two-hole DiamonDuos is a quick stitch chic bracelet.
Quick & Easy, beading favorites, beadweaving designs, colorful and fashionable

A Few Quick & Easy Holiday Ideas

The “Quick & Easy Classic” Tile-Bead Blast necklace is shown in a few different colorways. I love the first one with it’s subtle purples, greens, beige, and gold tones. All of these colors are compliments of green luster opaqe 2-hole CzechMates square and Swarovski sand opal AB2X bicone crystal beads.
Quick & Easy, beading favorites, beadweaving designs, colorful and fashionable

If you’re looking for some Christmas inspiration, check out this same necklace in bold red. Perfect for that upcoming holiday party!
Quick & Easy, beading favorites, beadweaving designs, colorful and fashionable

One other favorite fun design that would be good for the holidays is Berry Burst Earrings by Agniescka Watts. These vibrant earrings use a variety of stitches and materials for a design perfect for any party!
Quick & Easy, beading favorites, beadweaving designs, colorful and fashionable
Enjoy your new collection and enjoy beading whichever design tempts you. 

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