Crystal Beads: 3 Reasons Why the World Needs More Crystals

By Jennifer VanBenschoten

Ask any beader why she or he beads, and chances are that at some point in the conversation, they will start to talk about creating beauty. I think we all have this desire to use our beads to create stunning beaded jewelry, and many of us find that adding crystal beads to our beading projects is a way to add an extra layer of gorgeousness to our designs.

It’s undeniable: there’s something about looking at crystal bead jewelry that makes us gasp and smile when we see that brilliant shine. No matter what types of crystals you like to use in your crystal jewelry designs, there are three reasons why I think the world could use more crystals.

3 Reasons Why the World Needs More Crystal Beads

Do you need more crystal beads in your beading projects?

  1. For the sparkle. Yes, bringing light to even the tiniest corners of a beaded jewelry design, crystal beads, in all their many shapes and sizes and colors, will add a little bit of light to your favorite jewelry designs. The way that crystal beads are cut, along with the materials used to make genuine crystal beads, gives crystals that intense sparkle and shine that we love so much.
  2. For the color. There are few beads in the world that rival the intense, brilliant colors that you get from a crystal. Whether you’re looking into the watery, deep blue of a sapphire-colored crystal bicone, or contemplating the fiery facets of a bright red round crystal bead, crystals are a great way to infuse any beaded jewelry design with vibrant color.
  3. For the simplicity. Because crystal beads have such an impact on your beaded jewelry designs, you really don’t need a lot of them. Even if you’re on a limited bead budget, all you need to make a striking, sparkling pair of beaded earrings are two tiny crystal drops and a handful of your favorite seed beads!

So, why not indulge yourself with the tiny luxury of crystal beads? Just like all the other tiny beads we love to work with, crystal beads make us happy. And the world definitely needs more happy beaders! Check out some of our favorite resources and find some new ideas for using crystals in your beading projects.