Beading at Buttercup Beads with Andrea Mazzenga

Andrea Mazzenga owns Buttercup Beads in Audubon, Pennsylvania, where she designs jewelry and teaches jewelry making and beading. Andrea has had two projects published in Beadwork magazine so far: her Blue Hydrangea Bangle in the June/July 2017 issue and her Dashing Diamonds Cuff in the February/March 2016 issue. Step into Andrea’s studio to see where she creates her beautiful beaded jewelry.

Q: Where is your beading space located?

A: Besides my bead store, Buttercup Beads, my workspace includes wherever there is good lighting and a place to sit. I’ve beaded in the airport, on a flight, in the car, on a cruise ship, on my patio, and even just sitting in the grass! One of my favorite tools is the Bead Buddy Design Save ‘n Go beading board. It closes tight and keeps your in-process project safe when traveling.

At home, I have beads stashed everywhere because I’m always working on so many projects. It’s organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless. I’m thankful that my husband is so supportive!
Beading at Buttercup Beads with Andrea Mazzenga

I also have a dedicated lampworking studio in my finished basement. When I need to melt glass, I just sit down, fire up the torch, and let that particular kind of magic begin!
Beading at Buttercup Beads with Andrea Mazzenga

Q: What do you love about your current beading space?

A: At the store, I love being surrounded by creative people and all the beautiful beads. At home, I love the natural lighting, free access to coffee, and solitude of working quietly.
Beading at Buttercup Beads with Andrea Mazzenga

Q: What’s the ONE thing you would change about your bead studio?

A: I don’t think I would necessarily change my studio space. However, I would like to be more disciplined with organization. Keeping my bead stash organized in visible containers helps. But my main problem is that I work from two spaces, my home and my store. So I tote a lot of projects back and forth. Like rabbits, bead projects seem to multiply on their own! Before I know it, one tote turns into three, then four.
Beading at Buttercup Beads with Andrea Mazzenga

I find it helpful to keep my projects separated from each other in ziplock bags with their specific beads. Sometimes this means buying duplicate beads, rather than sharing beads between projects. But it’s worth it, because otherwise I’d have a huge mess on my hands!

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Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine


Get Andrea’s Blue Hydrangea Bangle pattern in June/July 2017 Beadwork and her Dashing Diamonds Cuff pattern in February/March 2016 Beadwork.


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