Beading Books I Love: Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry from Lark Books

What do Jean Campbell, Marcia DeCoster, Jean Power, Rachel Nelson-Smith, Sherry Serafini, Nancy Cain, Diane Fitzgerald, Leslie Frazier, Margie Deeb, Kelly Angeley, Laura McCabe, Lisa Kan, Leslie Rogalski, and Melanie Potter, all have in common? In addition to being incredibly talented beaders, they all have beadwork featured in the newest book in Lark's 500 series, Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry.

Author and juror Ray Hemachandra has undertaken the monumental task of putting together a collection of beadwork from bead artists all over the world and turned it into a tribute to the craft of fine beadwork, written in the voices of those whom it is actually meant to  recognize. The finished beadwork presented in this book ranges from intricate bead-weaving done with seed beads to artful stringing, and includes beads made from fibers, handmade glass beads, and mixed media jewelry using found objects of all kinds.

Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry is truly a testament to the humble bead, and how those beads allow each of us to express who we really are while at the same time uniting us in our thoughts, our dreams, and our spirit. No doubt that while you're perusing the pages of this book, you'll recognize many of the names of the artists included in this book. But I think that you'll also be delighted with the work of the artists whose names may not be so familiar.

As a source of inspiration, this is one book that you'll find yourself coming back to, over and over again. The colors, shapes, textures, materials, and techniques used in the beaded jewelry will have you looking at your own beaded jewelry design ideas in an entirely new way. It is a book in which you can easily lose yourself, only to come back with a fresh perspective on the age-old techniques of beading and bead-weaving.

You can find more information about Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry on the Lark Crafts website.

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Ray Hemachandra, juror and author of Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry, also works as the team lead and business manger for Lark Jewelry and Beading. He has authored or been senior editor for other books in the Lark 500 series.

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