7 Beading and Beadweaving Resolutions for Beaders

As a new year approaches, our minds begin to turn toward opportunities for transformation. A new and improved version of ourselves seems within reach if only we could get a few things right: get in shape, learn something new, be more creative, save money. Luckily for you, we’ve made helping you achieve these goals our mission (except getting in shape, we’ll leave that up to you). To get you started on your path to perfection, and perhaps beadweaving bliss, we’ve put together a list of inspiring videos to help lead to some great beadweaving resolutions. Check out the list below to discover how you could be killing it in 2017.

Beadweaving Resolutions
1. Finish What You Start

Finishing Touches for Beadwork with Melinda Barta
Beadweaving resolutions begin with Finishing Touches for Beadwork with Melinda Barta, finishing beadweaving
Make other people’s “extra” mile your final mile with this video from former Beadwork editor Melinda Barta. Explore 35 embellishment techniques to give your beaded jewelry a flawless finish.

2. Stop and Smell the Roses

Jean Campbell’s Best Beading Workshops: Floral Designs
Beadweaving Resolutions with Jean Campbell's Best Beading Workshops: Floral Designs
This year, take some time to appreciate the finer things in life. Beautiful beaded flowers made with herringbone, peyote stitch, ladder stitch, netting, and right-angle weave are a great place to start.

3. Be a Romantic

Bead Stitching Vintage-Inspired Jewelry with Kelly Wiese
Join Kelly Wiese for a Vintage Inspired Jewelry workshop and work on your beadweaving resolutions at the same time.
Get in touch with your inner Victorian princess, Jazz-age party girl, or romantic ingénue. With this video by bead artist Kelly Weise, you’ll learn how to stitch versatile jewelry components that can be combined to create gorgeous bracelet, necklace, ring, and earring designs worthy of another, more glamorous, you.

4. Mix It Up

Mixed Media Jewelry Making with Handmade Beads, Crystals, Resin, and More!
Mixed Media approach to jewelry making, with Kristal Wick
Step outside your 2016 comfort zone and into a brave new world of unconventional jewelry-making materials such as fiber, resin, wire, found objects, and more. Your seed beads and thread will still be there when you get back.

5. Go a Little Crazy

Off the Wall Woven Necklace Pendant with Julianna Avelar
Jazz up your beadweaving resolutions with Julianna Avelar's Woven Necklace Pendant
Incorporate found objects and shibori ribbon into your on-loom jewelry designs – just because you feel like it.

6. Get in Touch with Nature

Dainty Prismatic Right-Angle Weave Flower Charms with Cindy Holsclaw
Add Dainty Prismatic Right-Angle Weave Flower Charms with Cindy Holsclaw to your beadweaving resolutions
The great outdoors is calling – answer by staying in and beading dainty flower charms with prismatic right-angle weave.

7. Learn Something Scientific

Stitching Beaded Molecules with Cindy Holsclaw
Beadweaving and Science collide in Stitching Beaded Molecules with Cindy Holsclaw
Impress your friends with your newfound chemistry expertise when you learn to incorporate scientific principles into your Beadwork with this fun video workshop.

Resolve to have fun in 2017 with some of these handpicked video workshops. In no time you’ll have your beadweaving resolutions in motion and see that meeting your goals has never been easier. Beak out your needle, thread, and beads, then get stitching and prove that enjoying yourself is the most worthy standard of all.

Andrea Hoyt
Assistant Editor
Beadwork Magazine