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8156_Wedding-Bouquet-Closeup_gif-550x0When my husband proposed to me 14 years ago, I knew that beads were going to be a big part of our wedding celebration. (I think he expected it, too. Go figure.) Naturally, I made my own wedding jewelry, and I made simple but elegant bead netted collars for my bridesmaids. Best of all, my wedding bouquet was made entirely from handmade French beaded flowers. It probably weighed about 7 pounds, but the colors were perfect for our early-November wedding.

5430_Sandi-Wiseheart-Beaded-Wedd_gif-550x0Making your own beaded wedding jewelry is one way to add your own personal touch to your wedding celebration, but there are lots of other ways to add beads to your special day! Jean Campbell has collected 39 great wedding-worthy beading projects and ideas, and put them together in our new eBook, Beaded Weddings Inspiration Book. You’ll find ideas and instructions for classic beaded wedding jewelry ideas, but you’ll also find ideas for great beaded accessories! Check out a few of my favorites:

Every bride needs a handbag, and this beautiful beaded bag by Sandi Wisehart could easily become a family heirloom for future brides in your family.

Need a quick and easy beading project for your flower girls? These sweet little hair combs made with crystal bicones and pressed glass flowers will look just as good on the big girls as the little ones!1732_Flower-Girl-Comb_gif-550x0

For a truly personal touch, why not add some beaded embellishments to your wedding dress with bead embroidery? There are 8 different ideas for you to try using simple bead embroidery techniques. Practice these on some scrap cloth (check your local fabric shop or thrift shop for remnants) and see which ones you like best.


8272_Bridal-Bobbie-Pins_gif-550x0Thinking about making some beaded wedding jewelry for yourself or for a friend? Download your copy of Beaded Weddings Inspiration Book: 39 Projects and Dozens of Tips for Your Beautiful Bridal Ensemble and find out how you can create beaded wedding accessories and more for your special day.

Do you have a fun beaded wedding jewelry story to share with us? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and tell us about your beaded wedding jewelry and accessories!

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