Beaded Wedding Jewelry and a Wedding Story

Sandi-Wiseheart-Beaded-WeddThe way my husband proposed to me was pretty epic. Unbeknownst to me, he had traveled to Vermont with his best friend from kindergarten to pick out the perfect emerald engagement ring. A few weeks later, he told me that he was going night fishing after work, and he would be home late that evening, but he was really traveling back to Vermont to pick up the ring – and got stuck in heavy rush-hour traffic in the city on his way back to our home in upstate New York. He arrived home well after I had already gone to bed, and unable to wait any longer, he called for me to come downstairs.

I came down the stairs in my pajamas, grumpy from being woken up, messy hair, eyes half-open…and that was when he gave me the ring and asked me to marry him. It took my sleepy brain a few minutes to actually process what was going on at the moment: what were all these candles for? Why was he giving me a ring with my birthstone? He wanted to know if I would do WHAT?

Once my brain clicked back on and I realized what was happening, we both had a good laugh and he let me go back to sleep. But from that evening on, we knew that we wanted our wedding to be a unique expression of who we were.

We picked a date in early November for our wedding, making sure that it didn’t conflict with the opening day of duck season (never marry a hunter in the middle of hunting season!), and started making plans. We decided that we wanted our wedding to be relatively low-key, and we asked a close friend of ours to officiate, since neither of us felt comfortable having a total stranger perform our wedding ceremony. We wrote our own vows, wrote our own ceremony combining aspects of many different faiths, and asked some friends to provide the music.

A couple of true stories about my wedding day:

  • I was out having lunch with my bridal party the day of the wedding, and we decided to take a nice, long, leisurely journey to the hotel where the ceremony and celebration were to take place. And I lost track of time and arrived less than an hour before the ceremony was to start, much to the relief of everyone who thought that maybe I was about to do the “runaway bride” thing.
  • My grandfather was flirting with my sister-in-law. My father, exasperated, said, “Well, what did you expect? He’s been married six times…”
  • The best man decided after a few drinks that it would be a good idea to hit on the woman working at the check-in desk. We tried to steer him towards the elevator and his room, but he kept saying, “Just one more kiss…”
  • My 2-year-old niece started to choke on a grape tomato before someone whacked her on the back and dislodged it. Two seconds later, she was running around an empty banquet room laughing and singing like nothing had happened.
  • Since there was a full eclipse of the moon the night we got married, the hotel’s event manager took the whole bridal party downstairs, through the bar, and out the back door of the hotel where we would get the best view of the eclipse. But since this was in upstate New York in November, and it was about 9 degrees outside, and we weren’t exactly dressed for the weather, we all just went, “Yeah, that’s nice, let’s go back inside where it’s warm.”

So, what does all of this have to do with beaded wedding jewelry?

Well, I wanted to make sure that my wedding jewelry was unique and handmade, too! we didn’t go cookie-cutter for any other part of our wedding ceremony, so why would I settle for ordinary beaded wedding jewelry? I spent a few weeks prior to our wedding making handmade beaded jewelry for all my bridesmaids, myself, and my sister-in-law. One of my bridesmaids even decided to go a step further and wear her necklace reversed with the ornate garnet and silver clasp showing in the front!

My-Beaded-Wedding-NecklaceI chose to make a brick stitch necklace using a pattern from Charlene Hughes. (I think that’s who the designer is – if anyone remembers differently, please feel free to comment and correct me! It was a really long time ago.) I added loads of fringe, embellished with freshwater pearls and tiny moonstone cubes. I was obsessed with bugle beads at the time, too, so I strung the neck strap with alternating freshwater pearls and bugle beads.

Yep, my whole wedding was truly one-of-a-kind, and yours should be, too! (Although maybe slightly less eventful?) Start by making your own handmade beaded wedding jewelry and even some beaded wedding accessories. If you’re looking for beaded wedding jewelry ideas, check out our Beaded Weddings Inspiration Book: 39 Projects and Dozens of Tips For Your Beautiful Bridal Ensemble. You’ll be inspired to create beaded wedding jewelry, a beaded handbag, and maybe even add some beaded embellishments to your wedding dress for a highly personal and beautiful finishing touch!


Download your copy of the Beaded Weddings Inspiration Book and start thinking about how you can personalize your wedding with beads.

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