Beaded Triangles: More than 20 Trendy Projects to Make

Why do we find triangles so appealing? Perhaps we’re subconsciously drawn to their implied strength. (Triangles are the strongest geometric shape because of their ability to equally distribute weight.) Triangles remain popular not only in architecture but also in fashion and home décor. Read on to learn about triangles and find more than 20 trendy beaded triangle projects to make.

10+ Beaded Projects with Triangle Motifs

Triangle motifs have been popular in fashion since the 1700s, when tricorne hats were all the rage. These hats are most commonly associated with the Revolutionary War and the uniforms of the Minutemen. Western ideals of beauty hinge on symmetry, which may help explain why the triangle has remained so popular. Modern triangle motifs include Southwestern prints, arrows, and chevrons. The following bead-weaving patterns feature triangle motifs that are sure to keep this timeless trend alive.

1. All Angles Necklace


Jean Power’s All Angles Necklace

Create a contemporary showpiece when you stitch Jean Power’s All Angles Necklace. Using just cylinder beads, combine three-dimensional peyote stitch and herringbone triangles into a visually intriguing necklace design.

2. Ambassador Bridge Bracelet


Leslee Frumin’s Ambassador Bridge Bracelet

Leslee Frumin’s Ambassador Bridge Bracelet is made primarily from seed beads, with bicone accents. Its diamond and triangle patterns resemble the steel work of the international suspension bridge between the United States and Canada, for which the bracelet is named.

3. Carousel Bracelet


Kimie Suto’s Carousel Bracelet

In her Carousel Bracelet, Kimie Suto uses hexagonal motifs divided into triangular sections to bring the imagery of carousels to life. To add to the triangle theme, the bracelet is also stitched in triangle weave!

4. Cosmic Diamonds Necklace


Jean Power’s Cosmic Diamonds Necklace

Jean Power’s Cosmic Diamonds Necklace combines peyote, herringbone, and square stitches to turn beaded triangles into diamond shapes for three-dimensional beaded beads. Assembling these beaded beads onto sections of chain creates a stylish necklace that’s sure to turn heads.

5. Empire State Bracelet


Sára Zsadon’s Empire State Bracelet

In her Empire State Bracelet, Sára Zsadon uses triangle weave to create a zigzag pattern of triangle-shaped components. The architectural-like structure gives this bracelet a uniquely artistic aesthetic.

6. Equilateral Earrings


Robijo Burzynski’s Equilateral Earrings

Robijo Burzynski’s Equilateral Earrings are made from two nested triangle shapes joined with 4mm crystal rounds. These fun earrings make great use of this favorite geometric shape!

7. Geometric Fantasy


Perie Brown’s Geometric Fantasy bracelet

Perie Brown’s Geometric Fantasy combines triangles and diamond shapes for a bold look. Outlining the motifs in black emphasizes their shape and creates an eye-catching bracelet that would be beautiful in any color combination.

8. Heroine Necklace


Jean Power’s Heroine Necklace

Although Jean Power’s Heroine Necklace was created long before The Hunger Games movies, I can definitely see Jennifer Lawrence wearing this necklace, either as Katniss Everdeen or just as herself to promote the series. The necklace’s dramatic shapes and showy center cabochon radiate confidence.

9. Three Graces Collar


Jill Wiseman’s Three Graces Collar

Jill Wiseman’s Three Graces Collar doubles up on the triangle theme, with a trio of stylish triangles made from seed beads and crystal pearls. This necklace proves that elegance can still be trendy.

10. Triangles in Motion


Janel Gradowski’s Triangles in Motion bracelet

Janel Gradowski brings triangles to life in her Triangles in Motion bracelet. The bugle-bead triangles sway as you move, for a truly lively design.

11. Triangulations


Kathie Khaladkar’s Triangulations necklace

Kathie Khaladkar’s Triangulations necklace is a geometric treasure, with an array of triangular components. Created from seed beads, crystal bicones, crystal rivolis, and pearls, this necklace is a stunning showpiece.

12. Trillium Bracelet


Melinda Barta’s Trillium Bracelet

In her Trillium Bracelet, Melinda Barta uses seed beads, pressed-glass and melon rounds, 2-hole cabochons, crescent beads, and crystal rivolis to create a fun geometric design. This classic yet contemporary piece will delight both the wearer and everyone she encounters.

10+ Projects Using Triangle Beads

Triangle beads include triangular-shaped seed beads, CzechMates 2-hole triangles, Khéops par Puca triangles, Tango beads, and more. (For a complete list, see Interweave’s “Guide to Triangle Beads.”) The following projects use various triangle beads to create designs with unique textures.

1. Balthazar Earrings


Debora Hodoyer’s Balthazar Earrings

Debora Hodoyer enjoys using a multitude of shaped beads. In her Balthazar Earrings, she mixes Khéops par Puca triangles with Silky beads to create a festive star shape.

2. Colorblock Cuff


Perie Brown’s Colorblock Cuff

One of designer Perie Brown’s favorite beads is Toho’s triangle seed bead. She combines these beads in matte and shiny finishes to give her Colorblock Cuff even more texture.

3. Enchanted Necklace


Venetia Perry’s Enchanted Necklace

Venetia Perry uses triangle seed beads and Japanese drops to crochet a sleek, flat rope for her Enchanted Necklace design. The addition of a bezeled and bead-embroidered cabochon provides the finishing touch.

4. Fresh Twist


Doris Coghill’s Fresh Twist necklace

Doris Coghill’s Fresh Twist necklace design uses three colors of triangle seed beads and one color of round seed beads to create a twisted herringbone tube. This classically beautiful rope is perfect for showcasing a lampwork bead.

5. Lilly’s Lotus Bracelet


Gail McLain’s Lilly’s Lotus Bracelet

Gail McLain uses 2-hole triangles to create clean edges for glimmering blooms of fire-polished rounds perched atop 2-hole squares. Lilly’s Lotus Bracelet provides a lot of glitz with a minimal amount of stitching.

6. Metropolitan Nights Bracelet


Laura Graham’s Metropolitan Nights Bracelet

Laura Graham combines several shaped beads in her Metropolitan Nights Bracelet. The 2-hole triangles, diamond Silky beads, and SuperDuos create a pattern whose sophistication is heightened by the use of only black and silver beads.

7. Modern Patchwork Bracelet


Marina Montagut’s Modern Patchwork Bracelet

In her Modern Patchwork Bracelet, Marina Montagut stitches a bracelet that resembles a patchwork quilt but with contemporary flair. The Khéops par Puca triangles and Silky beads combine in a visually appealing pattern.

8. Symétrie Bracelet


Lisa Kan’s Symétrie Bracelet

Lisa Kan’s Symétrie Bracelet features cubic right-angle weave strips joined by fire-polished rounds and a single line of 2-hole triangles. This symmetrical bracelet has an edgy but classy three-dimensional look that you’ll love wearing.

9. Tangolicious Earrings


Becky Ewing’s Tangolicious Earrings

Find instant gratification with Becky Ewing’s simple but stylish Tangolicious Earrings. Combine Tango beads, seed beads, and two sizes of bicones to stitch a pair in no time at all.

10. Tango Twist Necklace


Cecil Rodriguez’s Tango Twist Necklace

Cecil Rodriguez’s Tango Twist Necklace looks much more difficult than it really is. Use Tango beads to create a unique spiral rope with a lot of texture.

11. Tessellations Collar


Laura Graham’s Tessellations Collar

Combine Khéops par Puca triangles with other shaped beads to stitch Laura Graham’s Tessellations Collar. This striking necklace has a lot of geometric appeal.

12. Two to Tango Bracelet


Amy Kohn’s Two to Tango Bracelet

Amy Kohn’s Two to Tango Bracelet features triangle-shaped Tango beads in two colors to create diamond motifs. Two-hole Rullas form a substantial edge for this cute, versatile bracelet.

For even more projects using triangle beads, see “Two-Hole Triangle Shaped Beads and How to Weave Them Into Jewelry Designs.”

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Happy beading!
Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

Featured Image: Trillium Bracelet, Equilateral Earrings, Heroine Necklace, Colorblock Cuff, Tangolicious Earrings

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