Beaded Kumihimo bracelet with a friend

Here's one of my first "beaded" Kumihimo projects. I have such an addiction to beads, and an abundance of them hanging around my home in search of permanent thread to become a piece.

Here is the size 6-0 bead blend I couldn't resist purchasing, along with the large hole beads that screamed to become part of my bead family (the frog had me from hello) thanks to the world of Kumihimo, I've found the perfect way to combine the zen like motions of braiding an ancient form of braiding, and combining my growing stash of my sparkly seed beads, and the end result is a beautiful beaded Kumihimo bracelet.

I'm still rather new to this new addicting technique, and I'm finding myself struggling to end the beaded ropes. Once the beaded braid was completed, I came across the large hole beads that I had to purchase, and I thought the colors and the beads complimented each other beautifully. I also love wearing this bracelet and feeling as though the little frog on the large hole bead has become my little friend.

I can't wait to load up some warps with my beautiful sparkly seed beads, and see what they will become. I also mastered the 8 warp, and I'm in search of new ways to Kumihimo.




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