Beaded Jewelry Design: A Labor Of Love

Have you ever actually tried to keep track of the hours you spend in creating an original beaded jewelry design? Or if you don’t design your own beaded jewelry, do you ever try to figure out how many hours actually go into stitching up a piece from a beading pattern? When I first started learning how to bead, I used to keep track of the hours I spent making my peyote stitch and brick stitch amulet bags by counting how many movies I watched while I beaded.


But the time spent actually beading the project doesn’t include all the countless hours I spent sitting cross-legged on the floor or the bed or the couch with a book or a stack of papers propped in front of me, learning all the beadweaving techniques that I use to make my beaded jewelry designs. I spent years teaching myself how to do stitches like brick stitch, herringbone stitch, right-angle weave, and beaded netting, using any resources I could get my hands on.

Oh, and let’s not forget the classes I took at shows like Bead Fest and at my local bead shop! I spent many happy Sunday mornings with my beading friends at my local bead shop as we learned new techniques and stitches from our teacher and from each other.


So, why do we beaders do all this? Surely, it’s not to get rich. I don’t think I know any professional beaded jewelry designers who do seed bead work and are raking in the cash. No, our work goes deeper than that. Our work is a meditation, a calling, a true labor of love.

Want to learn more about beaded jewelry design? Take a look at 3 of my favorite video resources for learning more about beadweaving and beaded jewelry design:


Bead Stitching Pentagons with Jean Power is a fabulous introduction to the art of stitching self-supporting, three-dimensional geometric beadwork. You can learn so much about beaded jewelry design when you master these beading techniques using peyote stitch, herringbone stitch, and square stitch.

You can open up a whole new world of possibilities when you learn how to create shapes using cubic right-angle weave, and who better to learn from than bead artist Marcia DeCoster? Learn how to create shapes like circles, squares, shields, pentagons, and more in Cubic Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster: Shapes.


Finally, if you want to learn more about creating stunning beaded jewelry designs, you’ll love the beading projects in Jewelry For All Seasons with Kelly Wiese. These four beaded jewelry designs use crystals, seed beads, and all your favorite bead-weaving stitches in unexpected ways to create jewelry that you’ll want to wear all year long.

The best part? For a limited time, all of these instant download videos are 50% off in the Interweave Store!

Do you have a favorite piece of beadwork that was truly a labor of love? Did you spend hours and hours stitching it, and decide to keep it forever? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your story with us!

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