April Showers Bring (Beaded) May Flowers with Circular Netting

Don’t you love it when fashion trends and bead weaving collide? Spring flowers are a big trend in fashion this year and, of course, are always popular for beaded jewelry designs. Circular netting is the perfect stitch for creating floral designs because the circular pattern naturally resembles a flower shape.

Here are some patterns to inspire you to try using circular netting to make pretty floral designs. Once you learn how to create the floral components in these designs, then you can use the same techniques to create as many as you want to make and connect them in your own beautiful ways.

So, have a cup of coffee or tea in your favorite floral ceramic mug (affiliate link), as you explore circular netting and floral motifs. Bead weaving in a cozy spot is one of the very best ways to spend a rainy springtime day.

Beaded Flower Designs Using Circular Netting

Keiko Wada’s Camellia Bracelet using circular netting

Keiko Wada’s Camellia Bracelet

Camellia Bracelet

Use circular netting and right-angle weave to make this lovely Camellia Bracelet designed by Keiko Wada. This floral-inspired bracelet uses unique connections to join five components stitched with Czech-glass beads, crescent beads, and seed beads. Each layered flower component is eye-catching and versatile.

Laura Graham’s Cereus Bloom Necklace using circular netting

Laura Graham’s Cereus Bloom Necklace

Cereus Bloom Necklace Pattern Download

Inspired by the flowers of a night-blooming cactus, this necklace features two-and three-hole beads and sparkling crystals.

Cereus Bloom Necklace designed by Laura Graham uses shaped beads to create a spiny, petal effect. Create this beautiful, floral necklace using a variety of beading techniques such as right-angle weave, circular netting, and picot.

Debora Hodoyer’s Alpine Meadows Bracelet

Debora Hodoyer’s Alpine Meadows Bracelet

Alpine Meadows Bracelet

Weave Minos and Arcos par Puca beads; Super-Duos; and O Beads with circular netting to create this romantic flower design. Alpine Meadows Bracelet by Debora Hodoyer creatively combines shaped beads and seed beads in a series of repeating floral motifs. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, these flowers would make a gorgeous collar.

Agnieszka Watts’ Autumn Sage Necklace

Agnieszka Watts’ Autumn Sage Necklace

Autumn Sage Necklace

This sparkly necklace is made of eye-catching floral components, crystals, and a harmonious mix of stitches. Autumn Sage Necklace by Agnieszka Watts features a romantic focal section, along with a beautiful rope on each side. You can use the floral component technique to make matching earrings.

For a dose of inspiration and insight, check out Tammy Honaman’s article about the circular netting projects from the December/January 2019 issue of Beadwork. I’d love to see what you make! Tag your photos with @interweavebeading on Instagram so we can see!

Happy beading,
Katie Hacker
Interim Managing Editor of Beadwork

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