Bead Weaving Patterns to Explore as School Heads Back in Session

I’ve never really looked forward to the start of school. Not as a student and never as a parent. I love the lazier days, the slower pace, the heat, the sun, having my boys around me, and just the general sense of a break from the frenzy that is normal life. That isn’t to say I don’t eventually come to appreciate the changes that come when school starts up again. It’s like tying up your boot straps, getting back to routine, getting more things crossed off the to-do list, and definitely more time for beading and jewelry-making!

Soon we’ll be looking at the end of summer around here, buying up school supplies as we find good sales, and I’ve already started stocking up on my favorite beads and planning out my beading patterns to-do list. Coincidentally, an inspiring collection was just released: School’s in Session: A History Lesson. The bead weaving patterns in here are divine, take me back to my English lit classes, and all the great characters I got to “meet” through my teachers’ passionate translations of some great works. Here are some that have brought forward some great memories for me.

Marie Antoinette Necklace, by Danielle Fox. Danielle shares: “This necklace was inspired by the infamous jewels that embroiled Marie Antoinette in “The Diamond Necklace Affair.” After seeing a photo of the notorious jewels, Danielle fell in love with its gorgeous double-tassel centerpiece, so she designed her own version of the grand collier.

Bead weaving patterns for back to school, Marie Antoinette Necklace, by Danielle Fox

Marie Antoinette Necklace, by Danielle Fox

In Greek mythology, Calliope is the muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry, so called from the ecstatic harmony of her voice. Calliope’s Columns Bracelet by Stefanie Deddo-Evans is a tribute to this muse and admittedly this design makes me think of the ocean with it’s beautiful mix of colors, so I had to mix it in. The name definitely evokes a sense of wonder and mystery that makes me want to pull out my mythology books again.

Bead weaving patterns for back to school, Calliope Columns Bracelet, by Stefanie Deddo-Evans

Calliope Columns Bracelet, by Stefanie Deddo-Evans

The bracelet is worked up quickly with ladder and herringbone stitches, seed beads, hex-cut seed beads, and two-hole squares.

Camelot Cross Bracelet by Carole Ohl is a beautiful work of expertly woven herringbone and circular peyote stitches.

Bead weaving patterns for back to school, Camelot Cross Bracelet by Carole Ohl

Camelot Cross Bracelet, by Carole Ohl

A few tips for this bracelet, shared by Carole:

  • The tighter your thread tension, the more domed your square components will be. Lighter tension will result in a flatter style. Both are fine; this is a matter of personal preference.
  • Using all four suggested colors is simply a design choice. If you prefer to use only two colors, this works, too.
  • Optional embellishment (as shown on the blue-and-amber bracelet at right): Once the square is complete, weave back to the center crystals and add 1 dark Montana blue AB size 11 between each one.

Capulets’ Treasure by Laura Andrews is a design filled with wonderful beaded beads. Each one is a piece of beauty in their own right.

Beading patterns for back to school, Capulets' Treasure by Laura Andrews

Capulets’ Treasure, by Laura Andrews

From Laura: “Transition smoothly from one stitch to another when building the slightly see-through beaded beads for this stretchy bracelet.” How fun!

Empress Catherine’s Collar by Leslee Frumin is a bead-weaving masterpiece. The clean lines, luster of pearls, and the single Swarovski pendant drop an added touch of elegance to this already dripping with elegance necklace.

Bead weaving patterns for back to school, Empress Catherine's Collar, by Leslee Frumin

Empress Catherine’s Collar, by Leslee Frumin

“Tight right-angle-weave stitches are the secret to this crystal encrusted, sleek necklace design.” Thank you, Leslee, this describes this necklace and the look perfectly!

There are more wonderful patterns with tons of inspiration waiting to be discovered in the School’s in Session collection. Earmark your favorites, get your beads ready, and soon you’ll have more time to create these bead-weaving patterns.

Whether you have little ones you’re getting on to the bus, or you’ll be embracing the change in pace as the weather also changes, there’s something about the way we magically have more beading time as September rolls around. Please share your plans, beading inspiration, and what you have on your bead board at

Yours in creativity,

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