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We are celebrating! Celebrating our love of bead weaving patterns. Celebrating our appreciation for artists who share their talents with us so we can learn, explore, and create beautiful beaded art alongside them. Celebrating our 10th anniversary. Celebrating you!

To celebrate properly, the Ultimate Bead Stitching Essentials Anniversary Collection was curated and assembled just for you. And it’s seriously chock-full of beautiful bead weaving patterns and greatness! To follow is just a glimpse of some behind the scene moments, thoughts, and insights shared by and about the ladies featured in this collection.

Sherry Serafini

Bead embroidery and bead weaving artist.

Sherry Serafini was exploring different mediums in the late 1990s. She was looking for the “one” thing that worked for her as an artist. While in the hospital, sitting next to her mom’s bedside (her mom was recovering from a serious accident), Sherry found comfort in beading. Through the days while her mom recovered (and she did!) beading became her medium of choice from there on out. To this day, Sherry shares her passion for beading in hopes others will also find the comfort she came to know during those difficult days.

Sherry Serafini, bead embroidered cuff, bead weaving patterns

Bead Embroidered Cuff by Sherry Serafini

As a woman and mother, Sherry loves her daughters, fiercely. She adores her grandbaby! Sherry gives of herself unconditionally. She is strong, independent, and amazingly kind and generous.

Sherry Serafini, bead embroidery, bead weaving patterns

Genie’s New Hangout Purse by Sherry Serafini

As an artist, Sherry’s talents know no bounds. She follows her path and continues to bring light into everything she does.

Sherry offers so much on bead embroidery, bead weaving patterns, and how to put parts and beaded pieces together. She is always beading and creating amazing beaded art, making it look so easy, and showing us how!

Sherry Serafini, bead embroidered cuff, bead weaving patterns

Mixed Media Cuff by Sherry Serafini

Melinda Barta

Peyote stitch, bead weaving patterns, and beading essentials.

Melinda has created so many bead weaving patterns and beading resources for us. I asked Melinda to share a little about each of her videos in this Ultimate Bead Stitching Essentials Anniversary Collection.

MB: The first peyote DVD I created, Peyote Stitch: Basics and Beyond, was filmed just a little over 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve come across many peyote stitch tips, techniques, and variations. I was happy to put them together in the new video workshop, Peyote Stitch Companion: Basics.

Melinda Barta, bead weaving patterns, peyote stitch patterns and peyote stitch instructions

Peyote Stitch Companion – Basics

To be more specific, a lot of these new ideas and variations came about while writing the eBook The Peyote Stitch Companion and the book Mastering Peyote Stitch.

My other new workshop, Peyote Stitch Companion: Bezels, Rings, and More Shapes, is an intermediate lesson on tubular peyote stitch. I’d have to say this one was more of a personal exploration influenced by some of the editing work I do for Beadwork magazine. And it was really fun to see some of what can be achieved, as this easy peyote variation creates amazing sculptural and dimensional beadwork.

Melinda Barta, peyote stitch bead weaving patterns, peyote stitch bead weaving

Peyote Stitch Companion – Bezels, Shapes & More

Thank you for the insight, Melinda, and thank you for all you shared in your other videos: Finishing Touches for Beadwork and How to Stitch Custom Clasps.

Kassie Shaw

A shape shifter and right-angle weave expert.

Kassie Shaw brought us her web-seminar “DIY Bead Diagrams: How to Draw Bead Charts with Microsoft Word” earlier this year. She also shared new bead weaving patterns in Beadwork magazine. Her earring jacket bead-weaving project can be found at And Kassie did a fabulous job breaking down right-angle weave and amping it up with lots of variations.

Kassie Shaw's latest bead weaving video, Shape Shifter - Vintage Lace bead weaving pattern and design.

Kassie Shaw’s latest video, Shape Shifter – Vintage Lace design.

In her DVD, Beadweaving Beyond the Basics: Right-Angle Weave Variations Kassie covers a lot of techniques and options. She brings you a bevy of ways to take your designs. A quote from Kassie summarizing her Shape Shifter video: “My Shape Shifter collection is based on a motif of crystals and pearls. By changing the way the motifs are connected or by playing with colors, a seemingly unlimited number of variations can be created. The Diamond Lattice variation is made with motifs attached by the corners with simple right-angle weave connectors.”

Speaking of right-angle weave…

Marcia DeCoster

Sharing her take on RAW, CRAW, and PRAW.

With the development of cubic right-angle weave (CRAW) and prismatic right-angle weave (PRAW) it’s clear we’re having fun taking right-angle weave (RAW) to a 3-dimensional platform.

 My cubic right-angle weave journey began with Cubic Right-Angle Weave With Marcia DeCoster: Fundamentals video. Marcia breaks down this stitch so it’s easily understood and learned. I can truly say it’s been a blast working on some new designs, learning new things, and pushing myself with CRAW.

Marcia DeCoster Cubic right-angle weave earrings

Marcia DeCoster CRAW earrings.

Marcia’s bead-weaving series also contains prismatic right-angle weave. This bead-weaving stitch is a whole new take on the concept of beading RAW in 3-D. At first, I thought this was going to be even more complicated and harder for my brain to comprehend, so held off adding this to my “bead weaving” wish list. After working through CRAW and getting comfortable with the basics, and understanding that PRAW is CRAW stitched on a base of beads in any number other than four, it clicked.

Marcia breaks this all down for us and makes it so easy to become comfortable with these stitches. Jump in if you haven’t already –Marcia shows you how! This really is a great stitch to play with and creates beautiful jewelry.

Marcia DeCoster Cubic Right Angle Weave designs, bead weaving instructions

Marcia DeCoster Cubic Right Angle Weave designs

Penny Dixon

Bead weaving expert sharing her love of shaped beads.

Lavon Peters, our managing editor for Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines, reviewed the video, Shaped Bead Explorations by Penny Dixon. Lavon shares:

Shaped beads are a hot trend in the bead world, with new shapes seeming to come out almost weekly. Beaders tend to love them or hate them — but Penny Dixon is one bead artist who definitely falls into the “love” category. And Penny’s shaped-bead designs are always a hit with other beaders, probably because they’re all so G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

shaped bead Fan Flower Earrings

Fan Flower Earrings by Penny Dixon

One of my favorite Penny Dixon shaped-bead projects is her Fan Flower Earrings. I actually have (and wear!) these earrings, which makes me feel only slightly guilty, since I didn’t actually make them myself.

I totally agree, Lavon – these earrings are beautiful. I’m sure you will agree too, once you take in all Penny shares.

Jean Campbell

Bead weaving expert and beaded jewelry designer.

Jean Campbell’s name has echoed through the hallways of Interweave for years and will continue to ring for years to come. Her designs always beautiful, classic, quirky (from time to time like Jean herself can be), and always, always so technically perfect.
Jean Campbell, bead weaving expert, bead weaving patterns, bead weaving instructions

Jean Campbell’s Best Beading Workshops: Floral Designs is a celebration in itself, a celebration and compilation of four of Jean’s favorite designs. Also like Jean, these bead weaving patterns are naturally beautiful.

Jill Wiseman

Kumihimo prowess and bead weaver extraordinaire.

Last but not least! Jill Wiseman’s Kumihimo with Beads and Beaded Ropes with Jill Wisemsan videos are like the icing on the cake for this celebration!

Jill brings her amazing talent, expert design, and teaching skills to us, and each design leaves us wanting more. Jill’s expertise is second only to her beautiful combinations of materials, colors, and techniques. These are followed closely by all of her tips. Jill leads us along so we really can take these techniques and explore our own creativity with confidence. Thank you, Jill!
Jill Wiseman, kumihimo bead weaving patterns, kumihimo with beads, bead weaving jewelry designer

Please join me in thanking these artists for all they have shared with us. And celebrate with me as we take a look at how wonderful it is to be able to bead, enjoy our passion, and to explore this art medium in any direction we want to go. No matter if you’ll only ever be a peyote stitch artist or if you’re like me and always want more, and are ready to jump to the next shiny thing — we are a wonderful collective I’m very proud and happy to be part of.

Happy Anniversary — happy anniversary to us!

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you have enjoyed what each of these artists has taught you over the years. Please share with us in the comments, below.

Yours creatively,


*post updated July 2017

Find all these resources in one collection along with more from each of these experts!


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