Bead Weaving: Create an Eclipse-Worthy Piece of Beaded Jewelry

Like everyone else in the U.S. right now, I can’t help but be a little bit excited about the total solar eclipse occurring on Monday, August 21. I was lucky enough to view a total solar eclipse back in February 1979, when I was only 10. I lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which was smack in the middle of the eclipse path. I still remember making a pinhole projector from a cardboard box and using it to view the eclipse at school.

ABOVE: The corona of the sun as revealed during a total solar eclipse. Photo credit: Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

My kids will likely get the same opportunity on August 21. Our school district sent out a letter indicating that many of the math and science teachers are working on eclipse-related lesson plans for that day. And I’ve already purchased ISO-approved viewing glasses, to make sure my kids’ eyes are safe in case they’re tempted to stare directly at the eclipse.

If you’re looking for a beading project to pass the time while you wait for the moon to make its way across the sun on August 21, look no further. These bead weaving projects are totally eclipse-worthy!

Here Comes the Sun

Megan Lenhausen’s Here Comes the Sun pendant gives a nod to our solar system’s brightest star. This project is available in the Beading Daily Jewelry special issue of Beadwork magazine. Here Comes the Sun uses bricks, CzechMates squares, bicones, and seed beads woven in circular peyote stitch around a 6mm pearl round.

Bead Weaving: Create an Eclipse-Worthy Piece of Beaded Jewelry

Beading Daily Jewelry includes a variety of beginner-level bead weaving, stringing, wire and metal, and mixed media projects. For another “stellar” project in this issue, check out Becky Nunn’s Cosmos Bangle.

Bead Weaving: Create an Eclipse-Worthy Piece of Beaded Jewelry

Waxing Crescent Moon

During the solar eclipse, the moon will gradually cover the sun until it’s completely blocked. As the sun is covered, it will become a diminishing crescent — much like the monthly crescent moon phases. Penny Dixon’s Waxing Crescent Moon Earrings, from December/January 2017 Beadwork, mimic the phases of the moon.

Bead Weaving: Create an Eclipse-Worthy Piece of Beaded Jewelry

The December/January 2017 issue includes another celestially inspired project you’re sure to love: Lisa Kan’s Radiance Necklace. This design includes a glowing 14mm crystal rivoli bezeled with gold, bronze, and dark blue seed beads.

Bead Weaving: Create an Eclipse-Worthy Piece of Beaded Jewelry

Enjoy the Eclipse

Whether you’re trekking out to the middle of nowhere to make sure you’re in the eclipse path or just observing it from your own back yard, I hope you find it as magical as I did at age 10. And if you start beading now, you could have a special piece of jewelry to commemorate the event!

Happy beading!
Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

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