Bead Weaving with Carole Ohl, Bead Store Owner

Carole Ohl has been bead weaving enthusiastically since 2003. She owns a bead store called Bead Stash in Kettering, Ohio. We recently asked Carole to share her beading space with us.

Bead Weaving with Carole Ohl, Bead Store Owner

Carol beading at Bead Stash

Carole’s Bead Studio

Q: Where is your current workspace located?

A: I mostly bead at my bead store, since I have so much to choose from there. I keep a limited amount of beads at home in an ottoman. When I’m at home I bead in the living room on a small folding task table in front of the TV.

Bead Weaving with Carole Ohl, Bead Store OwnerQ: What do you love about your beading space?

A: What’s not to love about having a bead store for a beading space!

Bead Weaving with Carole Ohl, Bead Store OwnerQ: What’s the ONE thing you would change about your beading space if you could?

A: At home, I would like an easy and fast way to put away my mess, since I bead in the living room. I would love to design a piece of furniture that could be easily transformed from a small beading table to a small sideboard piece that could stay right in the room where you’re beading. No one would ever know there was a mess in there. I am a messy beader!

For an exclusive interview with Carole, visit: Discover Zentangle Inspiration with Beadweaver Carole Ohl. For Carole’s latest design in Beadwork magazine, check out the April/May 2017 issue. In addition, you can purchase Carole’s Saturn Connections bracelet as a kit, while supplies last!

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Lavon Peters

Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

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