Bead Weaving: 10 Reversible Jewelry Projects to Save You Time and Money

Bead weaving is quickly becoming one of my favorite hobbies. However, sometimes it’s hard for me to justify putting so much time into a piece of jewelry that will take me hours to finish and will only match one outfit. Instead of looking for complex patterns, I find myself picking out projects that are quick and easy. Nevertheless, I miss the challenge of bead weaving projects that are more complex. Keeping this in mind, I found ten reversible jewelry projects that are both intricate and timesaving!

1. Two in One Reversible Earrings by Agnieszka Watts

Agnieszka Watts’s Two in One Earrings have been at the top of my list for a while because they look so stunning! The pattern uses fringe, circular and tubular peyote stitch, and square stitch, allowing me to practice several different techniques. On one side, the earrings have crystal buttons to match my fanciest special-occasions dress. However, the other side features a melon round, perfect for everyday outfits. While these earrings may take me a bit of time to make, they will coordinate with many outfits in my wardrobe! This project first appeared in Quick + Easy Beadwork, Winter 2017 and is currently available as a kit.

2. Reversible Sawtooth Cuff by Melinda Barta

Bead Weaving: 10 Reversible Jewelry Projects to Save You Time and Money

The Sawtooth Cuff graced the cover of Beadwork’s August/September 2016 issue. This bracelet drew my attention as soon as I saw it. Every time I started to look for a new project, I kept thinking I should make this particular bracelet. I kept hesitating, even though the kit is available in the Interweave shop, which would make the project more accessible to me. The pattern looked so intimidating and I thought it might be above my skill level.

I finally found an excuse to make the bracelet, which turned out to be so much easier than I thought. The goal was to create a fall-themed bracelet and the Sawtooth Cuff is perfect! With orange and green beads in my stash, I added in some black seed beads for Halloween.

Bead Weaving: 10 Reversible Jewelry Projects to Save You Time and Money

However, I decided to use gold seed beads for the reverse side so I could wear the bracelet for the entirety of fall and not just on Halloween. This bracelet may have taken some time to put together, but I can wear it for an entire season!

Bead Weaving: 10 Reversible Jewelry Projects to Save You Time and Money

3. Reversible Chinese Lantern Bracelet by Mary Lynn Wilkie

Bead Weaving: 10 Reversible Jewelry Projects to Save You Time and Money

Mary Lynn Wilkie’s Reversible Chinese Lantern Bracelet was featured in Beadwork’s August/September 2001 issue and uses a technique I hadn’t heard of before, the “South African double-faced stitch.” I’m always up for a new challenge and I’m excited that this project is also beautifully reversible. One bonus is that this bracelet uses seed beads, which come in so many different colors and are inexpensive. I can’t wait to start this project!

4. Reversible Medallion Bracelet by Robin Cowart

Bead Weaving: 10 Reversible Jewelry Projects to Save You Time and Money

Although seed beads are awesome to try new techniques with, I also love projects with shaped beads because they make jewelry so vibrant and fun. Robin Cowart’s Reversible Medallion Bracelet first appeared in the December 2007/January 2008 issue of Beadwork. It features rounds and pinch beads to form reversible medallions that look like flowers. I love this project because you can use two completely contrasting colors of seed beads, plus pinch beads to make the bracelet really pop.

5. Breezeway Bangle by Nichole Starman

Bead Weaving: 10 Reversible Jewelry Projects to Save You Time and Money

Another reversible design that highlights shaped beads, Nichole Starman’s Breezeway Bangle, is also high on my list of must-make projects. Using 2-hole squares, 2-hole bricks, and 2-hole lentils, this bracelet is not only fun to look at but also fun to make! The inside of the bangle is as dynamic as the outside, and easily reversible by just flipping the bangle inside out. This project appears in the October/November 2013 issue of Beadwork and is available as a separate pattern in the Interweave Shop.

6. Heavenly Hexagons by Mikki Ferrugiaro

Bead Weaving: 10 Reversible Jewelry Projects to Save You Time and Money

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with geometric bead weaving, Heavenly Hexagons by Mikki Ferrugiaro is a wonderful option. Using circular peyote stitch, this bracelet features an intricate seed bead pattern on one side, and crystal pearls on the other. The patterned side makes a stunning statement piece for simpler outfits. The elegant simplicity of the pearl side compliments dressier outfits. Featured in the August/September 2010 issue of Beadwork, the individual pattern is also available in the Interweave Shop.

7. Reversible Jaipur Jewels by Jean Power

Bead Weaving: 10 Reversible Jewelry Projects to Save You Time and Money

Presented as a pattern for both a bracelet and a necklace, Jaipur Jewels is one of the projects featured in Jean Power’s Reversible Peyote Stitch Jewelry Projects eBook. The concept of the jewelry is to have elegant jewels on one side and fun, flirty sequins on the other side. What a perfect accessory to dress up or dress down an outfit for any occasion. The project also uses circular peyote stitch, fringe, ladder stitch, and optional tubular herringbone stitch—perfect for advancing your bead weaving skills.

8. Reversible Flower Pendant by Jean Power

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at bezeling around rivolis but have been too intimidated at the thought? Jean Power’s Reversible Flower Pendant from her Reversible Peyote Stitch Jewelry Projects eBook is perfect if you want a simple project to test your skills. Create a reversible flower from whatever colors your heart desires, then use the component to create a pendant or brooch. I haven’t attempted bezeling yet, but this flower pin would look perfect on the headband I crocheted recently.

9. Reversible Rivoli Roses by Jean Power

This is another bezeling project from the Reversible Peyote Stitch Jewelry ProjectseBook. These components work great as a pendant, or make multiple components and connect them for a necklace or bracelet. This project is one of my favorites because you can use different colored rivolis to create a piece of jewelry to match many different outfits! Find this pattern and plenty of tips and tricks from Jean Power in her fabulous eBook.

10. Reversible Jewelry Mystery Project: Coming April/May 2018

While I can’t provide a photo, or even, tell you much about this project, I can’t help but share my excitement about a new reversible project coming up in the April/May 2018 issue of Beadwork magazine. This project uses shaped beads to make easily reversible components perfect for the season.

As a crafter, I understand the limited amount of time many of us have to spend on our hobbies. Between work, cooking, cleaning, sleep, and social outings, not to mention the time spent if you have kids to raise, there just isn’t a lot of time to devote to the things that we enjoy doing. If you have any suggestions for finding time to spend on your hobbies, please let me know in the comments!

Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

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