Learn How Bead Weaver Laura Graham Organizes Her Bead Studio

Laura Graham is an award-winning beadwork designer who lives and works in Las Vegas. Her style certainly exudes the glitz of “the city that never sleeps”! Laura is a 2018 Beadwork Designer of the Year; her Aurelia Collar is in the February/March 2018 issue. Here, Laura shares her bead studio with us, which is both organized and portable.

(To learn more about Laura and how she got started beading, see “Beadwork Designer Laura Graham Shares Her Love of Shaped Beads.”)

Q: Where is your current workspace located?
A: I have a craft room that houses my computer, beading materials, and paper-craft supplies, but I also have a folding worktable and rolling cart with most of my supplies, so I can bead anywhere in my house.

bead studio

Q: How is your workspace organized?
A: My space is organized into beads, paper crafts, and computer/office. I have a separate desk for each. My beads are in drawers by style: crystals, seed beads, shaped beads, fire-polished beads — and they’re separated within the drawers by color.

Bead Studio

Q: What do you love about your beading space?
A: My bead studio is anywhere I want it to be: family room, formal living room, craft room, master bedroom, or outdoor courtyard. My beading space is the entire first floor of my house, indoors and out, with my rolling cart and folding table!

Q: What would you change about your bead studio?
A: I wish my craft room were larger. I would love to have a comfortable chair or loveseat with a TV, as well as lots of shelves to get my beads out of the drawers and on display to see all the colors together.

bead studio

Laura’s Aurelia Collar, Beadwork February/March 2018

Q: What’s your favorite beading tool?
A: It’s a toss-up between my Tulip needles and my thread burner!

See more of Laura’s work in her Etsy shop, Desert Star Creations. And find more of Laura’s Designer of the Year projects in upcoming issues of Beadwork magazine!

Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

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