Bead Table Wednesday: Scatterbrained Beads

I think this winter is finally starting to get to me. We've had lousy conditions for doing any of the fun things that I love to do in the winter up here: it hasn't been cold enough for any serious ice fishing, and there's definitely not enough snow anywhere nearby for us to take out our cross-country skis or snow shoes.

My bead table is a riot of seed beads and components today, all of which are reflecting my desert-inspired color palettes from Tucson!

Since I got back from Tucson, I've been trying to keep myself busy with my beads and some new beading projects, but on this Bead Table Wednesday, I feel like the contents of my bead tray are accurately reflecting my feelings inside: mixed up and disorganized!

At the heart of my feelings of dissatisfaction surrounding my bead table today is the herringbone stitch bezel I've been trying to make for a crystal rivoli. The whole project was one of those ideas that just hits you and you know it's a fabulous design. I've used tubular herringbone stitch in other designs to surround cabochons and focals, but I've never used it to make a bezel. This one has been frustrating and disappointing, to say the least! Short of using double-sided tape to hold the rivoli inside the bezel (which I don't want to do for fear of ruining the foiled back of the rivoli), I just don't think that this one is going to work.

On the other hand, I'm pleased as punch with the way the ceramic cabochons by Marsha Hedrick have turned out. The three pink and brown ceramic cabochons you see (with the old-fashioned image of the woman in the center) were started way back in 2009. I don't know what inspired me to take them out and finish them, but I suspect it was those strands of vintage Czech glass pearls from the Beadin' Path that I found while I was in Tucson!

The ceramic dragon cabochon was also another Tucson find that I couldn't wait to get started. Working the peyote stitch bezel was easy for this one, but now I've got three different ideas for the neck strap, and I'm just not sure which one I like the best. At least if I can't decide right away, I can always use one of the other designs with a different cabochon. (And I brought back plenty of cabochons from Tucson, believe me!)

One thing I love about the beads that I've been using lately is the desert-inspired color palette of seed beads that I selected while I was shopping at Whimbeads and Beyond Beadery while I was in Tucson. I don't know what it is about those dramatic rust-colored mountains that moves me, but it certainly got right into the part of my brain that picks seed bead colors for my new beading projects.

What's on your bead table today? Take a quick picture and tell us about it in the Forums!

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