Bead Table Wednesday: Enchanted Evenings by Laura Zeiner

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some amazing brick stitch beading projects submitted by our readers, and one that really caught my eye (and happens to also be a class at Bead Fest Spring this weekend!) was the Enchanted Evenings bracelet and necklace by Laura Zeiner. Laura was generous enough to send me a copy of her wonderful pattern (and a couple of really cool skull beads) and I set off to create my own version of her brick stitch pattern!

I have to say, this is by far the messiest beading project that I've done in a long time. Using a variety of seed beads in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes seems to work best with this brick stitch project, so I dug deep into my stash of seed beads and pulled out everything but the kitchen sink. I quickly ran out of room on my little work pad, but it was great fun to see how many different kinds of beads I could incorporate into this piece.

Since I don't really wear bracelets much any more (they get in the way while I'm typing away for six hours a day!), I decided to make a necklace using Laura's pattern. I loved alternating the big and little skulls, and the challenge to keep the whole piece random by using a different type of bead for each row of brick stitch was really a challenge. I used a varied palette of colors in earth tones with a few silver-lined and luster seed beads thrown in for good measure. I love the way some of the silver-lined seed beads contrast with the earthy tones and textures of the skull beads!

Just before I started this brick stitch piece, I stocked up on some new and funky metal chain so my next challenge will be picking out the right chain to finish my necklace. I used several different metallic seed beads in my Enchanted Evenings necklace, so I have a few options when I pick my finishing chain.

Check out Laura's Etsy shop, Stick Lizard Designs, to see more of her beading and brick stitch tutorials, beading kits, and awesome beaded jewelry!

What are you working on this Bead Table Wednesday? Leave a comment and tell us what you're beading, or take a picture of your latest finished jewelry project (or work in progress) and post it in the Reader Photo Gallery!

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