Bead Table Wednesday: Beading Outside of My Box

Betcey Ventrella from Beyond Beadery and I at The Best Bead Show in Tucson, Arizona
This crazy beautiful orange Swarovski crystal stone just captured my imagination!

While I was in Tucson, I stopped in to see Betcey Ventrella over at Beyond Beadery and to see what kind of treasures she brought with her to The Best Bead Show. Among some of my favorite finds from that day of shopping was this amazing orange Swarovski crystal stone!

I don't usually gravitate towards bright, almost neon-colored beads and components like this one, but it was just so beautiful sitting there in the tray that I had to bring it home and see what I could do with it. After all, what fun is beading unless you bead outside of your box once in a while?

Lightweight and perfect for spring, I love the way my latest beaded necklace turned out!

I decided to make this an exercise in colors that I don't usually use, so I added some intense lime green seed beads and some orange and green fringe beads. I stitched up a quick right-angle weave bezel for the crystal stone and then embellished the heck out of it. The neck strap was the hard part. In the end, I decided to practice my tubular right-angle weave skills and wove around a piece of flexible plastic tubing. I finished the whole thing off with a magnetic clasp that wasn't too heavy but provided enough security to hold the whole beaded necklace together!

Here's the funny part of the story: when I sat down to start my right-angle weave bezel, I couldn't find the crystal stone! I cleaned off both of my work tables, but had no luck. I ordered another stone from Beyond Beadery, thinking that I would just have to put off working on the project until the new order came. But wouldn't you know it? The next day, as I was looking for a tube of seed beads, I turned over a small plastic bag and discovered the original stone!

All in all, I'm really happy with the colors of this beaded necklace, and I love how light it is when I wear it. The flexible tubing gives it a lot of substance without adding a lot of weight, too!

What do you do when you need to bead outside the box? Do you pick a brand new color to work with? Maybe a new type of seed bead like Tila beads or peanut beads? Leave a comment and give us some ideas for beading outside the box when you need to shake things up a bit!

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