Bead Your Own Storybook Jewelry Designs

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? My daughters and I have certainly watched our share of Disney princess movies over the years. So naturally, I’m drawn to Beadwork’s Storybook Beading Collection. This gorgeous collection of designs lets you create your own fairy tale or become your own storybook heroine.

jewelry designs

Marla Salazze’s Into the Looking Glass necklace; Julie Walker’s Cheshire Smile bracelet

Jewelry Designs for Disney Princesses

Like Sleeping Beauty’s untamed, overgrown garden, Tina Koyama’s right-angle weave bracelet features a wild mix of flowers and leaves. You can almost imagine the entire kingdom sound asleep while the foliage takes over.

Storybook Beading Collection, beadwork, beaded jewelry designs

Sleeping Beauty Trellis by Tina Koyama

Carmella Patzlaff’s Mermaid’s Tale Bracelet is reminiscent of The Little Mermaid’s Ariel. The bracelet’s blue-green peanut beads, aqua seed beads, and iridescent blue crystal rondelles bring to mind the quick flicking of a mermaid’s scales just under the surface of the water.

Storybook Beading Collection, beadwork, beaded jewelry designs

Mermaid’s Tale Bracelet by Carmella Patzlaff

Sandi Wiseheart’s Cinderella 2007 necklace is a modern take on the plain black choker that Cinderella wore to the Prince’s ball. The pink organza ribbon resembles the trim on Cinderella’s original dress (the one her stepsisters tore to shreds), and the Swarovski crystal squares are an obvious nod to Cinderella’s famous glass slippers.

Storybook Beading Collection, beadwork, beaded jewelry designs

Cinderella 2007 necklace by Sandi Wiseheart

The Secret Garden

Penny Dixon’s Secret Garden Bracelet, with its thick layers of two-hole lentils, pressed-glass rounds, and mini-daggers, certainly bears a resemblance to the overgrown wall surrounding Mary Lennox’s “secret garden.” Bead one for yourself to discover the healing power of nature.

Storybook Beading Collection, beadwork, beaded jewelry designs

Secret Garden Bracelet by Penny Dixon

The Wizard of Oz

Smadar Grossman’s Emerald City Necklace showcases emerald green crystal rivolis and gold-toned seed beads that conjure up images of Dorothy on the yellow brick road to the magical Emerald City of Oz. Even though there’s no place like home, somewhere over the rainbow is a wondrous world where you can learn that you already have all the power you need.

Storybook Beading Collection, beadwork, beaded jewelry designs

Emerald City Necklace by Smadar Grossman

No matter who your storybook heroine is, the Storybook Beading Collection gives you plenty of jewelry designs to bead. Stitch a pattern that honors one of your favorite characters, or make one of the more generally themed projects, such as Venetia Perry’s Enchanted Necklace or Lanai Kinsky’s Hopeless Romantic bracelet and earring set, to write your very own story.

jewelry designs

Enchanted Necklace by Venetia Perry; Hopeless Romantic bracelet and earring set by Lanai Kinsky

Happy beading!
Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

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