Bead Storage Shopping!

When I get ready to start on a new project, I like to lay out all of my supplies so that I can see what I have to work with, and assess potentially interesting material combinations as I brainstorm. The only problem with this method is that by the end of the process, I am too impatient to carefully bag up all of my supplies and re-organize them. Instead, I usually end up just tossing everything in oversized ziplock bags and then shoving them back in my closet (I think my supplies take up almost as much room as my clothes do!). I have been carrying on this bad habit for so long that my stash is just a jumble of beads, wire, and findings. I have to dump everything out on the floor in order to find anything! I decided today that this is no way for a jewelry editor to live and resolved to find a storage system that works for me (and my limited space) and GET ORGANIZED.

I have been shopping around for different storage systems and have found that there are a ton to choose from:

This storage set from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads could be a good option for me: it's space-efficient, the clear boxes make it easy to see what is in each box, and I can purchase and stack as many units as I need to accommodate my stash.
Of course, a more cost-effective route might be to just buy flip-top boxes like this one from Beadaholique. Pros: a little less expensive and I can buy the exact number of boxes that I need. Cons: while I would save a little extra space by stacking these boxes instead of using a shelving unit like the one above, it makes my stash a little more cumbersome to transport, which is a factor for me.
I found that Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores had a ton of options on their site, including this beauty. In the end, I think this handy rolling bead organizer would be a worthwhile purchase for beaders on-the-go, but most of the time I am only moving my stash from one room to another, so I decided to hold out for something a little more basic.
Thinking outside of the beading box and looking for more generalized storage systems yielded some very interesting options, as well. Something like this storage cart from Target could be pretty perfect for me: it's fairly affordable, it won't be an eyesore if it needs to live in a corner of my bedroom, I can store 3 or 4 flip-top boxes in each bin, and the bins can be removed from their shelving for easy transportability.

 Any thoughts on these units? This is my first bead-storage shopping mission–I could use any advice you can spare!


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