Bead Star 2014 Winners Revealed!

The Bead Star 2014 Winners have been announced!


Bead Star 2014 Winners: Crystals Category

First Place: Zero Gate by Kay Hira Second Place: Black, White, and Red All Over by Bethani Vanderah Third Place: Royal Bow by Ulyana Seryankina Honorable Mention: Channeling Crystals by Lynn Hedgecock

Bead Star 2014 Winners: Gemstones Category

First Place: Queen Esther's Collar by Carolyn Cave

Second Place: Imperial Bezels by Judy Reed

Third Place: Carnelian Cascade by Carolyn Cave

Honorable Mention: Calista by Carolyn Cave

Bead Star 2014 Winners: Glass Category

First Place and Grand Prize Winner: Changes by Betty Stephan

Second Place: Late Winter Garden by Patricia Parker

Third Place: I Do! by Sharron Neyer

Honorable Mention: Hibiscus by Dan-i Kuo

Bead Star 2014 Winners: Metal and Wireworking Category

First Place: Gothic Romance by Dianne McLaughlin Second Place: Copper Feathers on Turquoise Wire Wrapped Collar Necklace and Earring Set by Erin Kutsal Third Place: Catch of the Day by Eva Sherman Honorable Mention: Exotic Copper Blossoms by Divya N

Bead Star 2014 Winners: Pearls Category

First Place: Adagio Necklace by Eliana Maniero Second Place: Moonglow by Carolyn Cave Third Place: Flower Collar by Tatiana Alkhimova Honorable Mention: Pearls of Wisdom by Chris Lews-King

Bead Star 2014 Winners: Emerging Artists Category

First Place: Cleo's Favorite by Connie Brown Second Place: Verdegord by Kathy Hidalgo Third Place: Spring by Marilyn Oliveri Honorable Mention: After the Rain, Homage to Tom by Patricia Garrison

Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge thank-you to everyone who participated in the 2014 Bead Star competition! Maybe you're inspired to submit your best bead-weaving projects and become a 2015 Bead Star?

Bead Happy,


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