Bead Spree Winners

Congratulations Bead Spree Winners

When I retire from Beading Daily, I want Ed McMahon's job.  You know, the guy who drives around handing out those huge million dollar sweepstakes checks?

I had just a little taste of his job when I started handing out the prizes for Beading Daily's very first Bead Spree Giveaway last week.  I expected the winners to be excited to learn that they had won a shopping spree at their local bead shops.  Who wouldn't be?  Let's face it, the only thing more fun than bead shopping is bead shopping on someone else's dime!  But the excitement was contagious.  Every shop owner I talked to was thrilled to learn about the shopping spree winners.  Two of them knew the winners by name and said wonderful things like "It couldn't have happened to a better person!"

Congratulations to the three winners whose names were drawn at random from the more than 6,500 entries.  I only was able to interview the first prize winner by my deadline, but I will share information about the other two winners once they've had a chance to recover from the shock of winning!

$300 Shopping Spree Winner
Darren Lee Pope
Bead Shop:  Beads and Other Fancy Stuff in Morganton, North Carolina

Darren Lee Pope is an adventurous beader, always willing to try new things.   "I enjoy simple stringing with glass beads, working with seed beads, wire working, and polymer clay.  I also have been dabbling in metal clay and glass fusion.  Lampwork beads are next!"

Darren Lee is not sure how exactly to spend this windfall:  "As for what I will buy at the bead shop, there are hundreds of things I can think of.  I will just have to go spend a few hours looking and then another few deciding."  I think everyone on this list can relate to that!

$200 Shopping Spree Winner
Patricia H. Johnson
Bead Shop:  Crystal Creations/Beads Gone Wild in West Palm Beach, Florida

$100 Shopping Spree Winner 
Bethmarie B. Groom
Bead Shop:  Beads East in Manchester, Connecticut  

Coming This Week:  On Wednesday, Jean Campbell shares more crimping tips (power crimping, anyone?) and on Friday, Danielle Fox, editor of Stringing magazine, shares some photos of projects that were inspired by designs published in magazines and books.

Reader Gallery:  I am creating a reader gallery of designs that combine beadweaving and either stringing or simple wireworking.  If you have a wonderful project photo that you'd like to share, please send me a link to your blog/website/Etsy shop or one JPG image to:  [email protected] with the subject line:  "Reader Gallery."  Thanks!

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