Bead the Perfect Halloween Costume Accessory

Whether you’re headed to a masquerade ball or to a friend’s house for a ghoulish night of fun this Halloween, you want your accessories to enhance your costume in the best possible way. We all know beaded jewelry can be worn for a variety of occasions, but I think their opulent styles make them great statement pieces for a Halloween costume.

This isn’t “costume jewelry” in the traditional sense, though. These are fantastic everyday jewelry designs being used in a new, inventive way. It’s great to look at your work with fresh eyes and discover a fresh way it can be used.


Since Halloween is all about fun and fantasy, I’m turning to some of my favorite literary tales and comic book characters, and their motion picture or TV series counterparts, to inspire my costume ideas and jewelry pairings. Who doesn’t want to dress up like a superheroine or mythical being, right?

Superheroines & Super Power Jewelry

While you might not wear a stunning beaded necklace when kicking a villain’s behind, you are going to want to have something on for the photo op with the press after he’s carted off to jail. Or in this case, when you’re dressed up to answer the door when trick or treaters come to call. Here are a few project ideas to complement some of our favorite heroine costumes.

The Swag necklace from Exotic Adornments will accent Batgirl’s bright yellow bat symbol perfectly.

If you’re dressing up as Batgirl, this beautiful black and gold beaded necklace featured in Exotic Adornments is the perfect accessory. The Swag necklace features 3 crystal rivoli stones set in gold beaded bezels with black bicone crystal accents. It would be fun to pretend those black crystals are actually small communicators. Batgirl can send messages back to Bruce in the Batcave when criminals are nearby.

Out for a prowl as Catwoman? You’ll want to bead yourself a Dewdrops necklace.

Sticking with female characters from Batman for just a bit longer, I think Akke Jonkhof’s Drewdrops necklace is a design that Catgirl would adore. Not everyone can pull off the full body leather suit that she prowls the night in, but this is definitely a project anyone can wear.

Wonder Woman is a heroine that can’t be ignored, on the big screen or at a party. Her most iconic accessories are her killer cuffs. While I can’t say a pair of Corset cuffs can stop bullets, they can definitely distract people from what they’re doing long enough to grab yourself an extra piece of candy or two.

Rock these crystal beaded cuffs with your Wonder Woman costume this Halloween.

Mythical Creatures & Storybook Accessories

You can bet that superheroes won’t be the only costumes you see this Halloween. Mythical creature costumes are just as popular and just as easy to accessorize with must-make jewelry designs. Fictitious fairies, Greek goddesses, and dragon queens can steal the show with these beaded projects.

Whether you’re dressing as a fairy or an elf, these Point the Right Way earrings are the best with pointy ears.

Whether you’re dressing as a sweet little pixie or a tall slender elf, your pointy ears need just the right accessory. Point the Right Way earrings from the October/November 2015 issue of Beadwork remind me of something from a Tolkien novel. Their light as a feather yet, sharp and dramatic, too.

Channel your inner Greek goddess with a dash of gold.

If traveling through Middle Earth to get some candy isn’t quite your style, perhaps you’d like to be waited on like a Greek goddess instead. As you lounge having grapes fed to you, be sure to bead a Carousel bracelet for your wrist. The hexagonal motifs feature triangle-weave. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a toga.

Fans of Game of Thrones will likely be dressed as the Queen of Dragons this year. She’s a powerful character with fantastic jewelry. However, if you don’t have time for forge your own metal dragon to curl around your neck, I can picture your would-be Daenerys costume complete with the Nefertiti necklace. This piece was inspired by an Egyptian Queen. It would look just as good on one seeking to be the Queen of Westeros. I suggest a steel gray and blue palette to look like dragon scales.

Create a beadwork necklace to polish off your queenly garb.

Are you planning to bead something special for Halloween this year? We’d love to know! Share your costume ideas and project pairings in the comments below.

-Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

This article was originally published on Oct 30, 2017.

Embellish your Halloween costume with beautiful beaded jewelry!


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