Bead Journal Project

Inspired by the Quilt Journal Project, bead artist Robin Atkins invited beaders to participate in a year-long bead embroidery journal project beginning June 2007. Each month, more than 200 participants create one beaded page per month for one year.  Here's a little more from the official blog site:

"We live in 13 different countries, including 37 states in the USA. Our primary goal during this process is to stretch our creative and technical limits. The BJP [Bead Journal Project] is all about visual journaling using any media and techniques, as long as it includes beading. We are free to structure our bead journal pages any way we want, as long as all 12 are the same size."

Setting deadlines—like "create one beaded journal page per year" can work wonders for your creativity.  Take a look at mixed media artist Debbi Crane, for example. She created 366 miniature paper purses in one (leap) year.

Mixed media artist Debbi Crane.

And don't get me started about those NaNoWriMo writers who attempt to write an entire novel—50,000 words—in a single month! Clearly, setting a specific time frame for a project can lead to spectacular results.

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